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Gun Owners Are Under Attack

The shooting sports are being strangled by ever increasing regulations and buried under a constant barrage of “fake news” implying that hunters and target shooters pose a threat to the public. The police even treat PAL holders as if we were criminals. Worse: the present government promised during the 2015 campaign that they would impose  a long list of gun restrictions when they gained power in Ottawa. What new restrictions will they bring in?

This is no time to sit on the sidelines.

We Need to Stand up for Ourselves

  • Anyone with a gun licence has fewer rights than criminals;
  • We are monitored every night by the police;
  • We are lumped in with criminals on CPIC;
  • Any of us could be jailed if a neighbor “feels threatened.”

Justice for Gun Owners works for sensible firearms legislation.

Our Story

Justice for Gun Owners website is a project by BCWF Political Action Alliance (BCWF PAA). PAA was founded by John Holdstock, Les Husband, Andy Pezderic, Gary Mauser, and a few others back in the 1990s to run ads advocating for sensible gun ownership legislation during federal election campaigns. Our primary goal is to elect MP’s who will help us achieve this. As such, PAA is registered as a Third Party Advertiser with Elections Canada.

PAA has run ads during every federal election campaign since 1997 criticizing political parties that undermine firearms rights.

Organizations such as the BC Wildlife Federation are charities and so they cannot get involved in partisan politics. That is why the BCWF – Political Action Alliance was created. We can be politically active, we can stand up for ourselves, and we will promote our values.

The BCWF PAA is registered with BC Societies and is legally independent from the BC Wildlife Federation and other organizations. It has its own purpose, membership and board. This also means that PAA must raise its own funding in order to stand up for firearms owners.

In 2016 we at PAA began to rebrand ourselves to more clearly reflect our goal of advocating for sensible gun control laws.  As a result our website and facebook page are now called “Justice for Gun Owners“.

We also realize that we cannot wait for elections – advocacy must be ongoing. As a result we will be sharing relevant information via our blog, facebook page and newsletter in a timely fashion.

If you believe in standing up for firearms rights, please make a donation, sign up for our newsletter and like our facebook page so that we can continue to advocate for sensible gun ownership laws.

Thank you for your support! We cannot win this battle without you.

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