BC Bill 4 is Bait and Switch

Duck hunters are not gangstesBC government confuses duck hunters with gangsters

BC Bill 4 is Bait-and-Switch. The BC government recently rushed Bill 4 (the Firearm Violence Prevention Act) into law claiming it was an attempt to deal with drug and gang violence. Unfortunately, the Firearm Violence Prevention Act misses its target. Instead of enforcing the laws already on the books, or initiating programs to divert youth from being seduced into a gangster lifestyle, or taking serious steps to lock up violent repeat offenders in prison, the BC government passed new laws. Fighting violence one media release at a time. The Firearm Violence Prevention Act introduces a patchwork of measures that snare duck hunters, sport shooters, fancy cars, boys’ toys, even physicians and social workers. This is nothing more than a bait-and-switch trick. 

Building a Bloated Bureaucracy

Despite claiming that it will “reduce shootings related to gangs and the drug trade,” Bill 4 adopts a heavily bureaucratic approach to firearms legislation because it assumes that the problem is the widespread ownership of firearms by the public. Hunters are the problem, not criminal gangs. Mere access to firearms leads to “firearm violence.” This seems like a strange way to approach gang violence. Instead of focusing on a few hundred gangs, the bill prefers to demonize BC’s legally licenced hunters and sport shooters, who number in the hundreds of thousands. A recipe for expanding government bureaucracy.

By confusing duck hunters with gang bangers, Bill 4 will cause greater problems for honest citizens than it will for gun-toting criminals. Bill 4 is stuffed with flaws, but here I would like to discuss one aspect that is perhaps the most egregious. Part 8 (section 72) shields “authorized” professionals (e.g. health professionals or social workers) from civil liability who tell police that a client might use “a firearm or imitation firearm” to “threaten or intimidate another person.” Apparently, this is an attempt to combat family violence, or perhaps suicide, but singling out firearms in this way means the bill fails to deal with serious social issues and unnecessarily demonizes hunters and sport shooters who are not the problem.


Missing the Target

According to Statistics Canada, firearms are involved in less than 1% of incidents of family violence. Bill 4 ignores the lion’s share of the problem. Nevertheless, Bill 4 only shields informants if a firearm or imitation firearm is involved.

Nor does Bill 4 contribute to reducing suicide. Even in homes with firearms, few suicides involve firearms. Perhaps because ropes are readily available, hanging is much more frequent. Desperate people resort to a variety of methods. The problem is suicide, not guns. The solution is prompt intervention, not additional legislation.

Bill 4 infringes upon individual rights by violating due process. It does this in two ways: first, by removing civil liability it invites false, even malicious accusations, about anyone who is claimed to own a firearm or imitation firearm, and, second, it allows the police to apprehend an individual based only on an informant’s claims (or vague feelings) about possible threats or intimidation. The accused is then forced to defend him or herself in court from unsubstantiated charges before being able to regain freedom.


Targeting the Innocent

It is outrageous that the mere presence of a firearm (or even an “imitation firearm”) would lower the bar to such a level that only vague threats or “feelings” of intimidation would be required for police to apprehend someone. This places all hunters and sport shooters at risk of being falsely accused of being threatening. According to Statistics Canada data, hunters and sport shooters are less likely to commit violent crime than are other Canadians. Bill 4 exposes hunters, sport shooters, and farmers who own firearms, to false accusations that could see them apprehended by the police and their property confiscated.

Bill 4 is unnecessary because physicians are currently permitted to warn police when aware of that a “serious, imminent danger [is] posed by a patient …[if] the patient had made specific threats.” No one wants a seriously disturbed individual having access to firearms (or any other potentially dangerous object, such as knives or automobiles), but it is very difficult to assess the likelihood for dangerous violence.


Empowering Gossip

Outrageously, Bill 4 makes this problem worse by expanding the list of people who are exempt from civil liability charges beyond physicians to include other health professionals and even social workers — or anyone “authorized professional” who is “designated”. Deciding that an individual should be apprehended should not be done based on accusations of vague threats or “feelings” of intimidation without proper training. Neither social workers nor police are trained to assess mentally disturbed individuals. Millions of Canadians struggle with mental illness and while their behavior may shock or ‘intimidate’ people who are unfamiliar with them, they rarely are a danger to themselves or to others. Assessing whether a patient poses an imminent threat should be reserved to physicians because they have been trained, while other ‘health professionals’ and social workers have not.


Gangsters Are Laughing at the BC Government

To sum up, by removing civil liability from a potentially wide range of government authorized individuals, Bill 4 invites false, even malicious, complaints, against innocent people who are claimed to own firearms or “imitation firearms.”

Why did the government dream up such a mish mash of a bill? That’s difficult to say. The government has not provided any evidence that demonizing firearms in this way will reduce suicide rates or family violence.

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  1. Robert McElheran | May 13, 2021 at 7:36 am | Reply

    When will our leaders finally admit that criminals don’t obey the laws we already have?
    More laws ( that will be ignored by criminals ) is not the answer.
    Enforcement of existing laws with proper penalties would go a long way.

  2. iliya Spanovich | May 13, 2021 at 10:41 am | Reply

    Ty Mr. Mauser and the entire JFGO Team. Shared.

  3. edward kennedy | May 13, 2021 at 2:56 pm | Reply

    The NDP will always be a leftist loon hoplophobic group of politically correct political hacks with nothing to offer but nonsense.

  4. Back in the 1980s and 90s, the NDP was supportive of hunters. Not any longer.

  5. There is truly only one Party that supports firearm ownership in Canada from what I have personally watched on CPAC of Parliamentary debate. But you can just xge for yourself on who wants to confiscate your property.

    hope you find this information useful as you begin pondering who to vote for in the upcoming federal election.

    In alphabetical order:

    Bloc Québécois

    See the BQ’s 2019 election platform HERE

    The Bloc Québécois’ 2019 election platform did not list a specific policy on firearms or gun control. They support a mandatory Firearm Confiscation Compensation Program for firearms they don’t like[ii] and support universal registration of firearms. The Bloc Québécois also supports psychological testing for firearm owners.[iii]

    Christian Heritage Party

    See the CHP’s 2019 election platform HERE

    The Christian Heritage Party’s 2019 Policy on firearms is:

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns
    Violent crime is the problem, not firearms
    The CHP supports the right of peaceful, law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms for hunting, sport and self-defence

    Conservative Party of Canada

    See the CPC’s 2021 policy declaration HERE

    Policy 114. Firearms

    A Conservative Government is committed to cost-effective gun control programs designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals while respecting the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.

    Measures will include: mandatory minimum sentences for the criminal use of firearms; strict monitoring of high-risk individuals; increased enforcement and prosecution of smuggling; safe storage provisions; firearms safety training; a certification screening system for all those wishing to acquire firearms legally; and putting more law enforcement officers on our streets.

    We recognize the legitimacy of private ownership of firearms and will resist any domestic or international pressure to the contrary.

    A Conservative Government will not deprive Canadian Citizens of legally owned firearms.

    A Conservative Government recognizes that civilian firearms ownership is a Canadian Heritage.

    A Conservative Government would streamline Firearms classification by adopting the Simplified Classification System.

    A Conservative government would order a review of firearms related laws to identify parts 43 of those Acts that have no public safety value.

    Green Party of Canada

    See the GPC’s 2019 election platform HERE

    The Green Party’s 2019 Election Platform states the Green Party will:

    Ensure illegal handguns are intercepted and kept out of our cities.
    Redirect Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) resources to weapons smuggling and reduce pursuit of people living in Canada without proper residency, but who are otherwise law-abiding.
    Launch a confidential buyback program for handguns and assault weapons.

    Liberal Party of Canada

    See the LPC’s platform HERE

    We will ban assault rifles and crack down on gun crime.

    Gun crime is on the rise, and too often people are killed or injured because criminals have used military-style assault rifles. These guns are designed to inflict mass casualties and have no place in Canada. Canadians are tired of excuses and know that “thoughts and prayers” don’t make our communities any safer.

    Unlike Conservatives, who want to weaken Canada’s gun laws, we will make gun laws stronger. We will move forward with a ban on all military-style assault rifles, including the AR-15, and will take other steps to keep people safe from gun violence, including:

    introducing a buyback program for all military-style assault rifles legally purchased in Canada, with fair market prices for owners and more resources for law enforcement to administer the program;
    working with provinces and territories to give municipalities the ability to further restrict or ban handguns; and
    protecting the rights of hunters and farmers, by not bringing back the long-gun registry. Hunters and farmers do not use or need assault weapons.

    To crack down on gun crime and make our communities safer places to live, we will:

    continue to fight gang-related violence, by investing an additional $50 million each year, for five years, in a dedicated funding stream to help municipalities meet the needs of communities at risk;
    work to expand successful diversion programs to keep at-risk youth out of the criminal justice system;
    make sure the Canada Border Services Agency and Royal Canadian Mounted Police have the resources they need to detect and stop the flow of weapons at our borders;
    require everyone importing ammunition to show proof of a valid firearms license;
    make it harder for legal weapons to get into the hands of criminals by further strengthening safe-storage laws;
    address the problem of gender-based and intimate-partner violence head-on, by temporarily suspending firearms licenses for people who are suspected of posing a danger to themselves or others, including their partners or kids;
    introduce a system for flagging bulk purchases of guns;
    strengthen penalties for people seeking to smuggle firearms into Canada; and
    limit the glorification of violence, by changing the way firearms are advertised, marketed, and sold in Canada.

    Libertarian Party of Canada

    See the Libertarian Party’s 2019 platform HERE


    In Defense of the Responsible Firearms Owners
    The Libertarian Party of Canada will remove the legal hurdles for peaceful gun owners to use firearms for the purpose of recreation, hunting, and self-defense. Registration will be simplified, a legally acquired firearm will not “expire”, and negative stigma will be reduced. Municipal and provincial jurisdictions may craft more specific firearm legislation tailored to reflect their local needs. Over $100 million in annual savings will result from the termination of the Chief Firearms Officer’s national operations.

    Unnecessary Bureaucracy: Simplifying Firearms Acquisition
    The process to obtain a firearms license, under the stewardship of the Chief Firearms Officer, is costly, redundant, and unjustly assumes illegal intentions of citizens. The Libertarian Party of Canada proposes a simplified system of certification that will ensure that firearms are acquired appropriately, without compromising the safety of our communities. As such, the Libertarian Party of Canada would eliminate the licensing system and replace it with a certification system, known as the Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC). With the implementation of a FAC system, the Chief Firearms Office Program would be eliminated as an unnecessary bureaucracy.

    The FAC would be obtained at your local police station, and would be issued after a standard background check, for a nominal fee. This background check is currently administered through the CFO, a completely unnecessary step, as the RCMP fulfill the background check obligations. Once the background check is complete, and the FAC is issued, the individual can now legally acquire a firearm through a registered broker. The FAC will simplify the process and save taxpayers between $100 to $120 million per year in direct administrative costs to the CFO, without compromising the importance of background checks, reliability screening, and security to Canadians.

    The Paperwork Crime of Firearms Possession
    Sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code dictate that, without a license, firearms possession is by default illegal, and carries a mandatory prison sentence of three years. For those who own firearms with an invalid license, the crime is one of paperwork, not an illegal act of violence or intent to harm. Gun owners should not face criminal charges for possessing firearms that they have legally purchased. The Libertarian Party of Canada will rescind sections 91 and 92 from the Criminal Code, which will end the unfair persecution of firearms owners who have legally purchased firearms. The FAC, as it is required for any legal acquisition, will suffice.

    A Firearm is not a Weapon
    In the criminal code, all firearms, regardless of their purpose or use, are classified as a “weapon”, meaning that their exclusive, intended use is to harm others. An overwhelming majority of firearms owners do not intend their devices to be weapons. In fact, nearly all firearms owners in Canada use their guns for the purpose of recreation and hunting. Firearms would be legally seen as tools in the hands of qualified individuals with proper Certification.

    Reversing the Trend to Reverse Onus & Unwarranted Searches
    One of the cornerstones of the Canadian justice system is the concept of being innocent until proven guilty. As a result of the Firearms Act, firearms owners are subject to Reverse Onus, which assumes the presumption of guilt, not innocence. The Libertarian Party of Canada would immediately remove all Reverse Onus provisions in the Firearms Act to ensure that the presumption of innocence is properly established.

    The Firearms Act creates a highly punitive framework, and it makes the job difficult for police to understand appropriate charges and due process. Reverse onus assumes the presumption of guilt, not innocence, and it is used abusively against firearms owners. For this reason, the courts are clogged with unnecessary prosecution from the Crown, including many cases that cannot possibly stand because of illegal police conduct. No action by police should be without a warrant obtained in open court, and under no condition should an Officer of the Peace undergo a warrant-less search. To simplify regulations and protect the rights of gun owners, we will repeal sections 117.02, 102.(01), 105, and 113, all of which enable the abuse through unwarranted search and seizure provisions and reverse onus.

    Re-evaluating Canadian Self Defense Legislation
    Currently, Canadian’s are significantly limited in regards to their ability to legally defend themselves. Whether in your own home, or in public, the Libertarian Party of Canada would restore your right to defend yourself and your property. If elected, the Libertarian Party of Canada would pass defense of habitation legislation, and extend those protections and immunities to public settings where possible.

    New Democratic Party

    We tried to find the NDP’s policy but the link to their policy document on their website went to a blank page. We assume this means Jagmeet Singh is still waiting for Justin Trudeau to tell him what the NDP policy on firearms will be for the next election.

    Maverick Party of Canada

    See the Maverick Party’s policy platform HERE

    The Maverick Party’s Policy Platform is a work in progress that will ultimately be amended and voted on at its inaugural AGM and Policy Convention.

    On firearms, their current policy statement says:

    Firearms Legislation

    The Maverick Party is strongly opposed to the latest Liberal firearms confiscation program.
    The Maverick Party supports the appointment of a Chief Firearms Officer headquartered in Western Canada.
    The Maverick Party advocates for a long overdue independent process to examine all current and any future firearms legislation to ensure regulation is correctly targeted at the reduction of gun crime and not unnecessary, ineffective, and overly bureaucratic restrictions of law-abiding firearm owners.
    The Maverick Party also recommends that all western provinces seek greater autonomy and oversight with respect to gun laws.

    People’s Party of Canada

    See the PPC’s policy platform HERE

    Canada’s firearms legislation must protect society from the criminal misuse of firearms and prioritize the deterrence and punishment of criminals.

    Legal firearms owners deserve a legal framework that protects their property rights and treats them with fairness and respect. We need a common-sense approach to gun control that promotes safety while removing the threat of arbitrary criminal prosecution.

    A People’s Party government will:

    Replace the Firearms Act and supporting legislation with new legislation that will prioritize effective measures to improve public safety and fight crime in Canada.

    Replace the costly and burdensome licensing system with an efficient lifetime certification system for firearms owners following mandatory vetting, safety training and testing. To avoid criminalizing legal gun owners and guarantee their property rights, this system will legalize simple possession of firearms for certified Canadians as long as they use their firearms lawfully and don’t commit some other crime which would disqualify them from firearms ownership.

    Require that all firearms categories be based on function, not on looks or arbitrary political whims, and remove ineffective restrictions which unfairly target sport shooters, but have no deterrent effect on criminals.
    Mandate that all future changes to firearms regulation be completed through Parliament only. This means that neither the RCMP nor cabinet will be able to move the legal goalposts for legal firearms owners without the approval of Parliament.

  6. When do the people get a voice? When do legal gun owners, hunters and sport shooters get a voice? Why are legal gun owners being criminalizes by a minority of people back east? Is this Government only democratic when it suits them? Our soldiers didn’t die in WW2 just so a dictatorial and fascist government could govern in Canada. If the Government spent as much time and taxpayers money truly combating the criminal element we would probably have fewer shootings. If the government is not going to spend the money and put an honest effort into going after the criminal element and make it widely and firmly known to them that they are not welcome in Canada nor will they be tolerated then something smells very rotten at the government level. My view; criminals cease to have any rights after committing a murder or any other form of senseless killing whether it be perpetrated by a lone individual or gangland. The police know who they are. Give them free reign to round them all up; photograph and identify them by name and show all their pictures on the internet and newspapers. Make it very uncomfortable for them in this country and STOP criminalizing the legitimate gun owners.

  7. If Raplph Goodale didn’t make things harder for LE by refusing to create legislation to force the RCMP to obtain address’s and monitor over 440,000 criminals with firearm prohibition orders against. As per Dennis R Young ATIP request.

    We have a voice and are in the midst of legal challenge.


    PM Justin Trudope and Bill Bliar have turned 2.2 million Canadian tax paying RCMP licenced/vetted, CSIS monitored 24/7 365 “DOTY” that provide $8.5 billion to the Canadian Economy and 48,000+ Jobs to individuals, and families, into Criminals overnight on a whim by way of Order in Council. Which by passes Parliament and the Democratic process not to mention proroguing Parliament for 6 months so as no one could challenge it or anything else this “minority government” who acts like they are a “majority” are doing.

    This is why Canadian Firearm Owners, FA Organizations and Businesses are taking the Government of Canada / RCMP to Federal Court where they will actually have to answer questions under oath and provide facts and transparency, not hearsay and deceit. This is more than Firearms, this is about the theft of private property.

    Please take the time to view the videos to learn the seriousness of the Gun grab and support the many legal challenges put forth by several Individuals, Organizations, and Businesses against the unlawful OIC/RCMP/FRT.




    Thank you for your time, consideration, and support.

    Gun Ban


    Gun Ban Pt2


    Broken Trust

    Gun Ban Exposed Pt1


    Gun Ban Exposed Pt2


    Gun Ban Exposed Pt3


    Gun Ban Exposed Pt4


    Gun Ban Exposed Pt5


    Gun Ban Exposed Pt6


    Canadian Justice

    Veracity ” The Gun Chase ”


    Banned Firearms Link / Lien sur les armes à feu interdites


    S74 Reference Appeals

    Christine Generoux / Overturn the Unconstitutional GoC Gun Grab 2020

    CCFR Legal Challenge

    John Hipwell Judicial review

    K.K.S. Tactical Judicial Review

    Public Interest Litigants Judicial Review of Order In Council SOR/2020-96.

    NFA Court Challenge

    J.R. Cox Fight the OIC in Court

    Class Action to reverse illegal RCMP FRT changes

    Judicial OIC Challenge – John Hipwell & Ed Burlew


  8. george doucette | May 16, 2021 at 5:14 am | Reply

    Easy, deport criminals not born here for any crime, put criminals AWAY! I guess it is just easier to attack good contributing Canadians then just doing YOUR job. This Country is a place to do dirty business with complete immunity. Cities filled with drugs and guns, homeless with numbers increasing, foreign money taking homes out of reach of my children, etc. time to get out and VOTE.

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