Bill C-21 demonizes gun owners

Moose kill more Canadians than licenced gun ownersAbout 16 people are killed each year in vehicle collisions with moose according to TIFF (2000-14)

Bill C-21 demonizes gun owners. The Trudeau government misses the target with Bill C-21, which dramatically expands police powers in Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau claims the legislation will combat gun violence and keep communities safe, but none of the bill’s provisions directly address gun violence or violent crime.

Instead, Bill C-21 demonizes legal gun owners, who are not the problem, invents a variety of new administrative crimes and creates a “red flag” law that allows police to search and seize property (with a court order) on the grounds that a potentially dangerous individual has a firearm. Of course, the “red flag” provision is not new. Such a provision already exists and has for 20 years. Concerned individuals can dial 911 or medical doctors can call the Chief Firearms Officer.

Ottawa misleads Canadians by claiming that forcing law-abiding men and women to surrender their firearms—firearms that they have used responsibly—will somehow solve the problems of criminal gang activity or domestic violence.

On May 1 last year, the government banned, via the Order in Council, hundreds of thousands of legally owned firearms that had never been misused. Nine months later, Bill C-21 finally provides the legal framework justifying this precipitous action, although it remains vague on the details of how this will be accomplished. Perhaps surprisingly, owners of these supposedly dangerous weapons are allowed to keep them until the government gets around to dealing with them, and indigenous Canadians can continue to use them for hunting.

Ignoring criminal violence, Bill C-21 contains two other questionable provisions. It would allow municipalities to ban legal handguns within their boundaries, and streamline the confiscation of firearms from a lawful owner who is accused of posing a threat to themselves or to someone else. This is unjust because no violence need be involved—suspicions alone are sufficient to prompt a raid by police. Confiscating private property based solely on accusations is a slippery slope. Contrary to what the government claims, these provisions unjustly harm the law-abiding men and women who own and use firearms responsibly.

Allowing municipalities to ban lawful handgun ownership ignores criminals. Since legal firearms are rarely used in criminal violence, this will be ineffective in curbing either gangland shootings or domestic violence. Mayors and city authorities should realize that sport shooters aren’t the problem. Available data from Statistics Canada confirm that hunters and sport shooters are law-abiding and that legally purchased firearms are rarely involved in criminal violence, either through theft or “straw purchases.”

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  1. edward kennedy | March 1, 2021 at 5:54 am | Reply

    Everyone needs to realize that turdo and bag pipe face blair are liars. The shootings by gangs and the use of handguns in almost all cases is a convenient excuse for these hoplophobic criminals to kick start what they think we do not know, is in actuality the kick start of the old C-68 fraud whereby cretin started the process of eventual firearm total banning. It was derailed by Prime Minister Harper so this is an attempt to bring things up to date. All need to learn that any other political party except the CPC and the CHP are the enemies of all that is good and even at that, we must watch for red tories in all conservative parties federal and provincial. The solution then is evident but it will require some civil disobedience instead of chicken shite dallying and cowardly catering to the stalinist left. I am speaking of defiance, disobedience and disrespect. Nobody should give up their guns to any government stalinist and controlling in nature like the LPC and the NDP who are propping up the mentally deranged man-boy turdo. The key word here then is resistance.

    While jackasses like cukier and rathgen bray, and stalinist liars like turdo and blair rail, we all need to keep cool and do what me must do to keep freedom alive. These criminals plan to put “Canuckistan” on the same walkway as was done by their peers in Australia and the not so great Britain. This is the second try and it is doomed to failure if we do not allow thw CYSTem to control, scare and bully us.

    Law enforcement better damned well get something straight for their own good. They need to realize that gun owners are not the enemy and doing the will of the CYSTem is and will in the case of disarmament tactics render them with a huge loss of support. At this moment, were I on the highway setting out on a hunting trip for coyotes, if I saw an officer being pistol whipped with his own service handgun along the side of the road, I would pull off, load my gun, and approach the perp ordering him to stop. If he continued, I would shoot him dead.

    That is exactly what happened in the USA a few years ago but the hero had a handgun and was prepared to and did kill the perp. He has the right to have and carry and use that handgun. Here in Canuckistan a bunch of hoplophobic asswipes decades ago in their vapidity and stalinist stoogery to severely limit handgun ownership and use so you will never see anyone but criminals carrying and using handguns unless you go to a range.

    If the above incident happened here outside hunting season, the population would have no firearms in their vehicles and the officer would be dead.

    ANY GUN LAW HERE IS ALL ABOUT GETTING ON THE ROAD WITH THE PROCESS TO EFFECTIVELY A BIT AT A TIME DISARM THE POPULATION and I repeat, how can anyone trust a CYSTem that does not trust the good citizens with firearms? The answer is evident. The stalinist CYSTem wants CONTROL and this is what it is all about. BUT THEY ALSO WANT TO BE SAFE FROM RETALIATION WHEN (NOT IF) THEY ENACT MORE AND MORE STALINIST AND UNJUST REGULATIONS.

    This is not a pony show or a fiddling contest, this is a concerted battle by bought off dead head political hacks to push the international agenda, with full support from the USSR, Iran, CCP, and all other tyrannical regimes. We all have to grow a set and act like we have nothing to lose in opposing these liars and criminals, even if it means defying their fake laws which are the means of them winning. They cannot win if the fake anti freedom laws are ignored.

    Just hide your guns and work for a CPC victory at which time the disarmament agenda here will be deleted. Get with it. Grow a set!!! Be a man!!!! Not a wimpy mouse!!!!

    How do I know? I had relatives who fought in the last two great wars, others who were in law enforcement and some in senior positions therein, and have interacted with many both here and in the USA who not only validate my opinion on this but also offer evidence of their own on the matter.

    I know one WWII veteran still alive who told me several years ago that the state of affairs is such that he/she is shocked and that what is needed to set things right is a “revolution with blood running in the streets.” Harsh? Of course but that individual saw the takeover of education, politics, religion, entertainment, sports, media, etc by a “fifth” column of the enemies of all that is good and the resulting brain washing of children and the sheeple by the above corrupt components in the CYSTem that has been happening since 1969.

    We do not need a revolution but we do need everyone to stop being damned cowards and oppose the stalinist criminals in power in most western nations today, in whatever country we live in.

    I have battled some of these cowardly CYSTem stalinists in the last few years and have not/will not back down. It is a matter of me being able to be true to myself and being able to look in a mirror without tossing my cookies.

  2. edward kennedy | March 1, 2021 at 5:58 am | Reply

    DID NOT proof read but if there are any errors in the above post of mine, you are all smart enough to know what I mean. Got lots to do here.

  3. Thanks! I agree! We all need to stand up and be counted. I know some are willing to hide for they might lose their guns before anything happens to protect them and their rights. The press needs to stand up as well. I don’t hear anything on the news but at the street level the comment is “from my cold dead hands!” The public needs to know what the current government is doing.

  4. Trudeau ,Blair and the rest of the gun hating communists liberals should be put on a plane and pushed out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Trudeau and the rest of his communist party are dangerous and a threat to our speech and freedom,they need to go.

  5. The only effective way to stop the disarmament process is to organize to defeat the federal Liberals. Making angry comments on web blogs or Facebook is not going to do it. I urge you to channel your anger in constructive ways: donate money, volunteer, talk with your friends and family — that’s the only way to defat them at the polls. The only political party with any chance to defeat the Liberals is the Conservatives.

  6. Un peuple désarmé est un peuple mûr pour l’esclavage, il n’y a pas un pays totalitaire et communiste qui s’en plaindra le jour ou il voudront nous envahir et conquérir.

  7. edward kennedy | March 26, 2022 at 10:58 pm | Reply

    “Gary Mauser | March 9, 2021 at 11:29 am | Reply
    The only effective way to stop the disarmament process is to organize to defeat the federal Liberals. Making angry comments on web blogs or Facebook is not going to do it. I urge you to channel your anger in constructive ways: donate money, volunteer, talk with your friends and family — that’s the only way to defat them at the polls. The only political party with any chance to defeat the Liberals is the Conservatives.”

    You are correct and many of us also do all those things.

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