Bill C-71 endangers public safety

handguns not long gunsCanada has a gang problem, not a gun problem -- Illegal handguns remain the weapon of choice for gangsters.

Bill C-71 endangers public safety by ignoring the KISS principle.

Keep it simple, Senators.

Increasing the paper burden on PAL holders ignores the real problems and endangers public safety by diverting scarce police resources.

My presentation to the Canadian Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence on 25 February 2019 follows:

Thank you very much, Madam Chair. Before I start, I would like to apologize. First of all, I’m as deaf as a post. This is bilingual. It works in French, or does not work as well as in English. Second, I’m hopeful that the charts I had asked to be distributed will be distributed. I apologize for them not yet being in your hands.

I’m Gary Mauser, professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University. As part of my academic duties, I have published in criminology and political science for over 30 years.

It is my professional opinion that Bill C-71 is a Rube Goldberg contraption that assumes, without evidence, that multiplying regulations will reduce criminal violence. The government offers concerns but produces no hard evidence.

Bill C-71 myopically focuses on gun crime when a gun is used in less than 1 per cent of violent crimes. The problem is criminal violence, not guns. Knives are used in as many murders as are firearms.

Homicide Methods, Canada (1990-2017)

Percentage of homicides
Club, blunt object20%
Other method17%
Source:CanSim Tables, Statistics Canada

Worse, confusing licensed firearms owners — holders of possession acquisition licences — with criminals, Bill C-71 misses the target completely. At least 1 million Canadians own guns without recourse to anything legal. These are the people that you should control. I ask the Senate to exercise sober second thought.

Bill C-71 will not improve public safety. It is not a small step. It is, in fact, an endangerment to public safety because it misdirects scarce public resources.

How big a threat are licensed firearms owners? In Canada, moose kill more people each year than licensed firearms owners. Moose are unregistered and unlicensed.

Vehicle collisions with moose are deadly

Approximately 16 people die each year in vehicle collisions with moose

Criminal violence is driven by gangs. Gang violence has increased since 2013 — the magic number Minister Goodale picked –while PAL holders have not increased their violence.

At least 10 times as many people die each year from medical mistakes in our hospitals than PAL holders are accused of killing.

The worst mass murder in Canada did not involve a firearm. Gasoline.

Suicide. Even where guns are prolific and readily available, hanging is the preferred method of committing suicide.

Suicide Methods, Canadian Territories (2007-2016)

Percentage Suicides
Source:Statistics Canada Special Request

Here is a chart for the nation. As you can see, if you had one, the hanging frequency increases and the shooting frequency decreases. Hanging is your problem. Most suicidologists will tell you the problem is mental health and suicide, not access to guns. Healthy people are not suicidal. No one in this room is likely to commit suicide.

Canada: Suicide Methods - hanging vs shooting

Bill C-71 also neglects the overwhelmingly positive contribution PAL holders make to Canada. If you assessed cars, cellphones, sex, marriage and haircuts by only the negative consequences, you would think they were all dangerous and inimical. It is irrational to merely look at the downside of anything.

No evidence has been produced that PAL holders are a major source of crime guns. No evidence has been produced that — significant abuses of the authorization to transport restricted firearms. On average, the number of PAL holders accused of homicide is so small that Statistics Canada is concerned about their reliability. Over the past 20 years, between 13 and 20 PAL holders have been suspected or accused of homicide annually out of 2 million people. Obviously, not all suspects are accused nor are all accused convicted.

As Senator Pratte has demonstrated, the lion’s share of firearms homicide is committed by illegal gun owners. No methodologically valid study has been able to find evidence that stricter gun laws, or even gun bans, have reduced general homicide rates or spousal homicide rates, as my two colleagues have already stated.

A simple example: in 1995, the Canadian government banned over one half of all legally registered handguns. Not only have handguns remained the murder weapon of choice, but gang killings have increased. Gun bans, by the evidence, do not seem very useful. For over 30 years legal gun ownership in Canada has increased but homicide rates have decreased. Bill C-71 falsely assumes criminals get their guns from lawful domestic sources.

The government claims the source of crime guns has changed. This is false. The only thing that has changed is the definition of crime guns. At the height of the long gun registry, StatsCan data showed that only 4 per cent of guns used in homicide could have been stolen or gathered in a straw purchase.

The government cannot provide solid evidence to support concerns about the problems with ATTs, or authorizations of transport-restricted weapons. An access to information request found out that over a million ATTs were issued and 0.05 per cent — less than one half of a per cent — were any kind of abuses. For this you need legislation, or perhaps better management. Requiring additional ATTs diverts scarce political resources.

Internal audits show that there are serious backlogs in data processing for the police. This backlog denies judges and CFOs timely access to vital information. By increasing the paper burden, Bill C-71 will endanger public safety.

This is not a small step in the right direction; this is a big step backward.

To sum up, Bill C-71 is fundamentally misguided. Gun owners are a public safety resource, not a threat. Bureaucratic busy-work diverts scarce police resources away from programs that are more effective in dealing with violent criminals. Inflating the already bulging federal firearms bureaucracy will not solve the real problem facing our youth in gang-infested corners of Canada or help women in abusive relationships.

I respectfully ask the Senate to reject Bill C-71, exercising the sober second thought for which you are well regarded.

Thank you.

Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, as an individual.

25 February 2019

10 Comments on "Bill C-71 endangers public safety"

  1. If this incredibly well made speech doesn’t stop the rogue bill, no other speeches will.

  2. Herman Folgering | March 4, 2019 at 4:31 pm | Reply

    We don’t have a gun problem in our country but a drug and gang problem,for some reason the government
    is unable to address this,so what is easier than to blame the registered law abiding
    gun owners for the problems.

  3. Great work everyone thank you for being a voice of reason. We the people have your six.
    I am so pumped I just donated $20, fight the good fight!

  4. I’ve been hearing the same thing hashed and rehashed one too many times since the inception of the Firearms acquisition certificate came into effect ( 1979 ) and the differnt faces it showed against the firearm owners in Canada. All the speeches, reports, commentaries, statistics om the major part yhas done nothing. The government does not want to hear it. This is a one world order push to disarm not only Canada but the globe. in a sentence, NON COPMPLIANCE is the way to go.

  5. This bill is nothing more than political lies, it does nothing to reduce crime.What this bill does is take peoples minds off the real issues that plague our society. That being unemployment, health care, the illegal drug trade & the criminal gangs who have been taking over our neighbourhoods & destroying our society . It’s time we make politicians accountable for their inaction against the drug trade & criminals. Here’s a quote worth repeating, If a hunter shoots a animal, he is called despicable & a lot worse, if a man or woman shoots a human they blame the gun,go figure that one out !

  6. Richard Carroll | March 5, 2019 at 6:38 am | Reply

    What an excellent, well-written presentation by Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus. All PAL holders should read this multiple times and super-charge personal resolve to speak-up immediately -the window of opportunity is closing fast- or else suffer the consequences of this North America Anti-Gun movement. ‘Outlaw Guns and Only Outlaws Will Have Them’ & Unscrupulous Governments too!
    Thank you Professor Mauser for taking the time to do this for all of us, A truly ‘Call To Arms’ – With Millions of Words, Letters, Emails, Phone Calls…NOW!

  7. It seems to be very obvious that The Liberal Party of Canada has made an exceptionally cynical decision to vilify a certain portion of the Canadian population in order to further their own ends, namely and primarily, to garner public support in order to get re-elected. It is rather a happy coincidence for Trudeau that he appeals directly to folks who are least likely to own or support the use of firearms, and, most of these people seem to live in Ontario and Quebec… while in the meantime, he can punish Western Canadians, vilify gun owners, and aggressively suppress the Oil Industry… the sad fact is, that pitting certain groups against others, and isolating and ignoring certain Provinces works very well for these…. People. Such a gross lie… “We are doing it for your own safety…!” Unbelievable. I wonder if eventually they even begin to believe their own garbage….

  8. Thank God there is such an articulate and informed defender of the truth carrying the fight for us. I have had the utmost respect for Prof. Mauser since the dark days of the early 90s. Unfortunately, arrogant liberal elitists don’t care about the truth. They don’t care about actual public safety – they only care about maintaining a death grip on power. Their hatred of firearms is based on ideology. They gleefully EXPLOIT the victims of every tragedy in order to forward their twisted beliefs; abetted by the left-leaning, ignorant media. Remember: gun owners don’t vote liberal but all criminals do.

  9. “Bill C-71 Endangers the Public Safety” which is absolutely true and well explained by Gary Mauser. Bill C-71 really endangers public safety by disarming the law abiding Farmers and Hunters living in the far remote areas where they defend their families, crops and cattle from wild animals and predators. They feed their families on hunt during the deadly winters. On the other hand many criminals and terrorists remain low profile in big cities of Canada knowing 2.2 million Canadians have legal licensed guns. The scenario will change when these criminals and terrorists are assured that there are no more legal guns owned by the public. Most of the anti gun groups supporting Liberals are either laymen or experts with hidden agenda. We have to identify and differentiate to find the root cause of this big conspiracy before it is late.

  10. It is now May 2020 and C-71 has been rubberstamped but not enforced. Justin Trudeau just announced a sweeping ban of 1,500 firearms while the RCMP tampers with the FRT to ban more. Since at least 1977 (and 1995) Liberal gun bans always attacked the law abiding while ignoring criminals and underfunding border control! The scary part? Trudeau and Liberals consider Canadians to be “Subjects” and not Citizens! When they attack the law abiding, imagine what they think of all other Canadians, even their liberal base? Sheep maybe?

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