Blair promises a red flag law

Liberal Minister BlairCanada's Public Safety Minister ignores gang violence to attack civilians owning firearms

Blair promises a Red Flag law when he spoke before the House Standing Committee on Public Safety on November 2. He seemed ignorant that 9-1-1 already exists.

A “red-flag” law enables health professionals to break patient-confidentiality rules to report a gun owner with mental health issues who is a threat to themselves or others. Then the police confiscate his guns by force. 

Red-flag laws can be – and often are – well-intentioned. No one wants an individual who is severely mentally disturbed to commit suicide or to run amok killing or injuring anyone else. With a firearm, a van, a machete, or a sword

But declaring someone incompetent is a serious step. Anyone deemed dangerously mentally ill loses their freedom. They can be incarcerated, and authorities can confiscate anything with which they could injure themselves — like knives or firearms. Even shoe laces.

There is no need for a “red flag” law; we already have 9-1-1.

The Trudeau Liberals are misleading Canadians. Canadian law already has a provision authorizing family or professionals to report gun owners suspected of being public-safety threats.

Whenever anyone calls the national firearms centre (toll-free), one of the options is to “report a spousal or public safety concern.” This works. 

Unfortunately, this snitch line is frequently used by a divorcing spouse to cause his or her gun-owning spouse legal grief.

For more information see Lorne Gunter’s recent column.

Bill C-71

Minister Blair’s office thinks that it won’t be until 2022 that new PAL rules or expanded background checks are brought online. Bill C-71 only hurts PAL holders; violent criminals are ignored. 

A municipal handgun ban

The Liberals continually repeat their support for allowing municipalities to ban handguns, but have yet to take any steps to start this process.

In the October Throne Speech, Trudeau recently repeated his threat to allow municipalities to ban handguns.

Minister Blair said he supports the municipal handgun ban when he was before the House committee Friday 6 November;

BC Premier John Horgan also supports a municipal handgun ban.

Will your town ban handguns? 

Maybe. The Firearms Act already gives municipalities powers over shooting activities. But for the handgun ban to happen, Ottawa must pass new legislation, then the provincial premier needs to support it, and finally, each municipality that wants it, needs to impose it.

It may yet happen, but civilian firearms owners have more immediate problems. At his appearance at the committee, Blair also said he’s bringing in new border controls on firearms but he gave no details.

For the most up to date information on what the Liberals are doing on guns, be sure to check

5 Comments on "Blair promises a red flag law"

  1. Here is how it works. Turdie is a liar and a criminal, a fraud, a bigot, a hoplophobe and a fake leader with less sense than God gave a billygoat. Blair is a fellow weed smoker. They both got high and in that state formulated a plan to deal with the problem of illegal handguns and gangs. Somewhere along the line these 2 fu- – h – ads wandered onto the yellow brick road and have been confused ever since. As to their fake laws, these can go to hell. I will not obey stalinist tyrannical liars and head cases. As to these shiteheads, they can make like the birds and flock off.

  2. I hope that any new gov’t will strike down these laws as illegal or unconstitutional immediately upon being elected. This is a travesty. Thousands of gun owners will be willing to hide, secretly relocate, any and all weapons trudeau and blair try to confiscate until a new government is elected. In addition, I think it is time to rethink the powers of the rcmp as they appear to have evolved into the brownshirt arm of the government.
    Secondly, the laws have to be restructured, struck down or new laws enacted to make it illegal in any way for any party in power to create and enact any such laws that take any power from the people which at the whim of a tyrant would make hundreds of thousand of citizens criminals overnite for political purposes.

  3. William Mckinstry | November 17, 2020 at 3:58 am | Reply

    I Agree with every single word

  4. William Mckinstry | November 17, 2020 at 4:04 am | Reply

    Trudeau has a serious lack of grey matter or his wife said to him that he wasn’t getting sex anymore unless he brought in these laws.

  5. We the people, who own firearms, must educate our fellow shooters on the fact that the only party that can help us is the CPC. End of story. there may be court challenges but nothing will change before end of amnesty. The Liberals with the help of the NDP want nothing else but to remove all firearms from private citizens.Those that own firearms and voted Liberal must be brought into the light.

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