Can restrictive gun laws stop terrorists?

After the recent terrorist attacks in France and England, we see a lot of candles being lit, teddy bears being distributed, and inclusive gestures made to immigrants, especially Muslims. But what is being done to actually stop future terrorist attacks?

Some say the Europeans have been slow to make changes to combat the rise of Islamist terrorism. But it’s not true that the EU has been unresponsive.

Clearly, most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists these days are Muslims, well, Muslims of a kind, radical Islamists.

Powerline discusses the most recent European efforts.

Could it be that European elites are more afraid of their own citizens than they are Muslim terrorists?


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  1. Really? no offense to the writer of this story but… well really? I would hole hardheartedly like to wrote an all inspiring brief but all I can say is not likely on that one. But it should make SJWs fell better about themselves by ripping away other peoples freedoms on things they do not understand..

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