Canadian Right to Firearms Seminar

civil disarmament gun controlCan more bureaucracy protect victims from violent criminals?

I just returned from Saskatoon where I participated in the Canadian Right to Firearms Seminar hosted by the Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association.

Professor John Robson, an academic historian, made two major presentations, “A Right to Arms – Self Defence in Canada,” and “The Canadian Right to Arms.”

I was first introduced to Dr John Robson when he was raising funds to make his fascinating documentary on the Magna Carta. His current project is about the environment. Check out his website to see what he’s up to.

Dr. Ed Hudson spoke on “God, Guns and the Rule of Law.”

I spoke on “How to boil a frog alive — or how licensing is destroying Canadian culture” CUFOA17-BoilingaFrog

As well as presenting a brief summary of Don Kates and my Harvard paper, “Would banning firearms reduce murder or suicide?” CUFOA17 Harvard

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  1. It is interesting to note that the police are increasing their arms (Carbines In Cruisers) as well as other means of defence because the criminal element has more fire power.( No argument on this). However at the same time the federal government is busily disarming the public, and not allowing them to possess firearms to protect themselves – its up to the police. Again however police forces are amalgamating and centralizing their detachments which in effect means their will be no police officer in a lot of rural settings, make their response time. It ends up with you can’t get the police and you can’t defend yourself. Sir Robert Peel, is alleged to have said ” The police do fulltime what is every citizen’s duty to do part time”. We will never have enough police to be everywhere at all times, so it is incumbent on every citizen to do their part, and they must be allowed to have the tools to do so. Protecting yourself is not as one NDP member complained “Vigalante Rule”.

  2. Darren McCutcheon | May 10, 2017 at 7:59 am | Reply

    I would like to help with this important cause

    • Hi Darren,

      Welcome to the battle. What would you like to do to contribute? How can BCWF PAA help you do that?

  3. after reading on line the rational behind firearms bans,it seem’s obvious the trudeau government is not interested in the law and order aspect of firearms ownership. the real purpose is justin’s need to kow tow to the u.n. the u.n’s mandate to globally disarm
    civilian populations is the real show here.
    it strikes me as odd that the u.n. really has done nothing for world peace even though that is there touted mandate.the proliferation of military small arms in the hot spots of the world is largely due to the political mandates of the u.s, russia, china,
    britain and france. these are the biggest gun runners around. they are also the big 5 in the u.n. security council. what a paradox.

  4. andy tschetter | May 23, 2017 at 8:15 am | Reply

    The constitutional right to life suggests that you be allowed an effective means to defend & preserve it

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