Congratulations Erin O’Toole!

Erin O'Toole, Leader CPCErin O'Toole, new Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Congratulations Erin O’Toole! The the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Erin O’Toole is a strong supporter of traditional Canada.

O’Toole has vowed to roll back Trudeau-Blair gun grab. To see it in his own words, go here.

Gun owners can thank Quebec for O’Toole’s victory.

Reportedly, O’Toole couldn’t have won Quebec without the organizing skills of Quebec gun owners.

O’Toole led from the second ballot. He knows how to win

With our help, O’Toole can kick Trudeau out of office.

Canada’s firearms owners are an important part of his winning coalition.

If you want to scrap the Trudeau-Blair gun grab, we need to support O’Toole and the Conservative Party in the next federal election. 

The Conservatives are the only party that supports responsible firearms ownership. Both the NDP and Liberals use gn owners as a punching bag.

Please contribute to help elect O’Toole and defeat Trudeau! Get involved with your local Conservative campaign team.

It’s fun, you’ll learn a lot, and, we’ll elect a Conservative government and stop the Trudeau-Blair gun grab. 

If we don’t stand up for ourselves,  who will?

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  1. Big Congratulations to Erin O’toole, and even a bigger shout out to all the Quebec FA owners that held the line. And a special Ty to Gary. Mauser and the entire JFGO Team for their tremendous work for the FA community.

    Un grand bravo à Erin O’toole, et même un plus grand bravo à tous les propriétaires de FA du Québec qui ont tenu la ligne. Et un Ty spécial à Gary. Mauser et toute l’équipe JFGO pour leur formidable travail pour la communauté FA.

  2. Glenn Christopherson | August 26, 2020 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    Keep up the good work

  3. I can’t find it anywhere O’Toole specifically saying that he’ll reverse the Liberal Gun Grab OIC whereas MacKay did. If O’Toole did indeed say that, in no uncertain terms, could someone please provide a reference? It would be most sincerely appreciated…

  4. @Gary Mauser

    O’Toole talks about “opposing efforts” but I’m still not seeing him specifically saying that he’ll reverse or “repeal” the Liberal OIC. What am I missing? Can you point it out for me?

    MacKay OTOH made a clear and definite promise that he would revere the Liberal gun grab OIC. I get the impression that O’Toole is intentional being ambiguous on this issue…

  5. I still think that Derrick Sloan was the only
    person to lead the Conservatives.
    His views are very clear about what he would do about all issues discussed.
    Please wake up people and smell the coffee
    Yours respectively
    Bob Rankin

  6. I really like Erin O’Toole but I think MacKay was the only one with the slightest chance of defeating Justin Trudeau in a federal election. MacKay was a Liberal and it would take a Liberal to defeat a Liberal.

    Conservatives voted for who they would like to see as Prime Minister. They should have voted for the one who could have possibly defeated Trudeau. Now that possibility has been eliminated.

    O’Toole thinks that he can beat Trudeau but exposing Trudeau’s incompetence and unsuitability as a Prime Minister. But that will not work. Trudeau’s incompetence and unsuitability as Prime Minister has been common knowledge since before the 2015 federal election but that’s who Eastern Canadian electorate wanted.

    The Post Nationalists who have overrun the Eastern Canadian electorate solely determine the federal elections. Erin O’Toole doesn’t stand a chance of defeating Justin Trudeau under these conditions. It absolutely baffles me that Conservatives haven’t yet been able to figure this out… 🙁

  7. So its better to split the vote like last year where some FA owners voted PPC, and how did that work out for us. Trudeau back as a minority Gov acting like they own the place. The last thing we need is McKay getting into office and then using the tax payers dime again to “chopper” himself from his cottage(fishing trip)to Parliament.

    Out of all the candidates, E0 was the only one to mention help for our “Veterans”.

  8. @1AB

    I wanted to see MacKay win so we had a chance of defeating Trudeau and getting our guns back. And after that, we continue to push for Wexit.

    ‘Our’ Canada is gone and it is never coming back. Canada, as it is now, will never again see a truly Conservative federal government with the Post Nationalists solely determining the federal elections. Wexit is the last and only remaining hope for true Canadians. I am sincerely hoping that more and more Conservatives realize this and get on-board with Wexit after Justin Trudeau wins the next federal election…

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