Did the PPC steal two seats from the Conservatives in BC?

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Maxime Bernier’s lost his own seat, but the PPC still managed to hurt the Conservatives. Bernier’s egomania helped Trudeau and Blair.

The Peoples Party of Canada didn’t cost the Conservatives the majority they’d hoped for, but the PPC may have cost the Conservatives 7 seats in total across Canada, and two in BC.

However noble their claims, splinter parties like Bernier’s act (at least for a few elections) as spoilers, drawing a vote away from parties that have a real chance to form government.

According to an analysis of the Preliminary Vote on Election Night by RangeBob (a GunNutz nom de plume), the Conservatives would have won 7 more seats if all of the votes won by the PPC were added to the Conservative vote across the country (This is certainly an overestimate because some would have stayed home and a few would have voted for other parties).

The seven ‘lost’ seats were divided: 6 went to the Liberals and the NDP got one.

British Columbia

Two of the seven seats the Conservatives failed to win were in BC.

[1] In Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam,

Nick Insley (Conservative) won 19,788 votes — just 339 votes fewer than the Liberal winner, Ron McKinnon.

The PPC candidate won 703 votes.

[2] In South Okanagan–West Kootenay, where

Konanz, the Conservative candidate, won 24,013 votes — 796 fewer than the winning NDP candidate, Cannings.

The PPC candidate won 1,638 votes.

A small but painful wound. The CPC lost a few good MPs, if not the majority they had hoped for. Bernier’s egotistical effort ended up contributing to the Liberals’ success.

The PPC vote, even if we’re a bit more cautious, stung the Conservatives. If just half of the PPC votes were added to the Conservatives’ share of the vote, the Conservatives would have won 5 more seats.

Check out the statistics yourself. Elections Canada has posted the most recent counts available.

Now what?

Don’t get me wrong. There is a need for a libertarian political party that can argue for civilian gun rights, social-conservative policies, and rational immigration policies.

Max Bernier just wasn’t the leader many had hoped for.

Maybe next time?

11 Comments on "Did the PPC steal two seats from the Conservatives in BC?"

  1. Lost one for CPC in Yukon as well.

    • As well as a few others across the country. Possibly as many as 6 or 7. Check out RangeBob’s analysis on GunNutz.

  2. william stewart | October 29, 2019 at 6:23 pm | Reply

    Max got exactly what he wanted most, Sheer is not prime minister. He didn’t win so, like the childish loser he’s always been, he took his bat and ball and went home. If they wouldn’t ley him be the boss he would just start his own party. Take that.
    Good riddance for the Conservatives, too bad he hadn’t crashed and burned over that ex-biker broad he got hooked up with. Some voters will never learn, ANY vote for ANY color other than blue is a vote for the liberals. Take that to the bank!

  3. Rebecca Sinclair | October 29, 2019 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    If the people of Canada aren’t ready for good government , then why not vote for good people like Mad Max. Shoddy Sheer was no leader, just a Turdeau clone, so why waste your time voting for more of the same.

  4. Max Bernier’s speeches, interviews and the PPC platform were stronger on gun owners rights than Andrew Scheer’s. Max was more conservative than the PC’c ; Andrew Scheer had to move left to attract the same people who could vote Liberal, thus Andrew abandoned the conservative cause and values. Max was very popular in Alberta; his solid conservative policies on everything resonated with the people. Unfortunately, conservatives were too scared of another 4 years of Trudeau so decided to vote PC rather than for their true vales represented by the PPC platform. Calling Max’s attempt at pulling Canada off this path of destruction, an egotistical effort, does the author’s credibility and honesty no good.

    • Thank you for your comments. Gun rights activists need to continue educating Conservatives. Max did indeed speak out more strongly than Scheer. But it must be remembered that, like the NDP and Green leaders, he could do so because he had no chance of forming government. Canada has need of clear voices on behalf of gun owners. Unfortunately, Max seemed more motivated by ego than principle because he must have known that his efforts could only damage the CPC. Political parties are teams, not just flamboyant leaders.

  5. I ran for the PPC in Central Nova after wasting years on the Conservatives. The Conservatives are progun if and when it is convenient.. Just like they are conservative if and when it is convenient.Six or seven seats made no difference. The Conservatives lost on their own demerits.Time to get over it.

    • Thanks for your comments, and thanks too for standing up for what you believe. Your criticisms of the Conservatives have a great deal of truth. How to ‘help’ them improve is a challenging question. I wish you the best of luck in continuing the fight.

      • We have a good Conservative in our 905 GTA Toronto area. I wrote hime warning of the coming loss due to OToole now becoming a neo-Liberal. Liberals are now so far left they are a full communist party. Otoole and other CPC conservative leader showed what he is about at the leadership race…illegally removing members, and later, removing any elected member who dared speak up for his electors or bring “censored” science and actual covid residual harm Concerns to the conversation. This is disgusting and outrageous ! It goes against every modern, free society wisdom . Bernier is NOT the best person for this fight from a “media-promotion” point of view. His accent is hard and his part is not well organized…yet it is the only opposition we have. I think if more CPC member left And ran as independents, they would be better off. Perhaps a better front man for the PPC is required for this “TV/ Media” society…but Berniers supporters see beyond “physical attributes” and hear his message of a Sovereign , Charter of Rights Canada…NOT using the Emergency Health Act to run a dictatorship. You did the CORRECT and ETHICAL thing by running PPC….thank you. The CPC lots this on their own doing and misguided “one Party system” …like Ford in Ontario…Otoole would have become a “Greedy Reset” Trudeau wing man…In fact FORD and Kenny in ALberta may also have scared voters away from Otoole …The Cowardly, Crony Conservatives may never form a party again..

        • All any of us can do is try our hardest to fight the Liberal totalitarians in this country. So far, I think the best approach is to work within the CPC. There are many gun rights supporters within the party, and bolstering their efforts to shape CPC policy and actions has a good chance of influencing a future government. There are thousands of us who volunteer for the CPC — at many levels — including MPs and advisors. If you really believe the PPC is the right vehicle for changing Canada’s approach to firearms laws, go for it. Don’t restrict your efforts to posting on Facebook or on this website. Get involved. Preston Manning’s Reform Party changed Canada for the better. It took decades of building the party, losing elections, guaranteeing Liberal governments in the interim, but eventually his party re-shaped the PCs. Can the PPC do that? That’s a near impossibility. But maybe.

  6. O’Tools “New -Liberal” party did better than he should have! I am shocked-Trudeau owns the Main Stream Media, Big Tech and Censorship are funded by his fellow Elite-Coporo-Communist “fronting” for their “Greedy Reset”. Yet will ALL that censorship, owning the “Ministry of Propaganda” and “paid stay at home” and “free money” , Trudeau COULD NOT WIN a majority! The PPC supporters are fully aware that may have “taken” votes from Conservatives…GOOD. There is NO Conservative Party under O’Toole. If O’Toole had won, he would have proven just as useless and weak as he has been the past year as Opposition Leader”. An Opposition Leader afraid of his opponents Media, Censorship and The “Marxist – Methods” Lefts. (Who are a small, hatefull, destructive few but with total “Corporate-Communist” support…but they are all FRAUDS…because they are supported by the the worlds most Richest, Self Enriching Monopolistic Quasi-capitalists. Good Conservatives in O’Tools party must run as independents or join the PPC. In some ways, the sooner we have full blown totalitarian ONE PARTY system, Complete surveillance, permanent end of the The Constitution…the sooner people will experience life as Serfs and living with a boot on their neck. .I want to be alive to witness the useful idiots who thought they would be Party leaders, being equally oppressed and controlled once the total wealth of the middle class has been stolen by the “Greedy Reset” population engineers. ..or see the next release of Gain of Function bio-control operation that will certainly do what Has been dreamed about by those funding the Left, for the past 70 yyears.

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