Did Trudeau ban 12 gauge shotguns?

The popular 12 gauge shotgun with adjustable choke may be prohibited in Canada

It’s hard to say if Trudeau banned normal shotguns. Legal opinions are contradictory. It will be decided in court.

According to a solid legal opinion that 12 gauge shotguns, particularly those with adjustable chokes, fall under section 95, that any firearm with a bore greater than 20 mm is now prohibited. Justice Minister Blair Tweeted, No. However, the RCMP posted that normal 12 gauge shotguns were not banned. However, posts on the RCMP website may change at any time. The key is how the bore is measured.

Ordinary 12 gauge shotguns may fall under section 96 as well, that of being capable of exceeding the limit of 10,000 joules. The problem here is the word, “capable” of doing so. Few 12 gauges typically exceed this limit; it’s not practical, not common, but a 12 gauge is “capable.” Courts will ultimately have to decide. Firearms dealers in both the US and Canada are told to consider them prohibited weapons. Owners are warned not to take any prohibited firearm out hunting or even to the range.


Behind the scenes, the RCMP has also recently changed the status of a wide range of rifles and shotguns to prohibited in the Firearms Reference Table (FRT). It’s not clear if these changes are part of the OIC or due to the RCMP unilaterally initiating reclassifications.

Here’s a list of firearms variants whose FRT entries have been changed to prohibited, but were not in the gazette.

Examples of shotguns that have been subsequently prohibited are:
• Adler B210 Bolt-Action Shotgun
• AlphaArms 15SA Semi-Automatic Shotgun
• Canuck Havoc Pump-Action Shotgun
• Eternal FX12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Contrary to statements by the Minister, many shotguns have been banned, including pump and bolt action models. Further, there is no simple way to know if an owner of a previous legal firearm is now a criminal.

For more information see these web sites: And here and here.

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  1. libtards suck.In 2000 they use to say:dont be ridiculous! we will not confiscate your guns! NOW they say, “don’t be ediculous! of course we are going to confiscate your guns! at least 1500 types! And we are not done yet! (all the libtard anti gun lawsMUST be repealed. It never was about public safety, the thin veneer is off, they are totalitarian communist thugs who men to disarm all of Canada so they can decree law and exterminate dissent.

  2. I have been telling my fellow firearm owners for many years this day would come. The liberals want a ‘gun free’ Canada. Now the process the liberals started back in 1995 continues. Most people that have spoken to were apathetic or simply didn’t believe another widespread ban was coming. *Surprise* Trudeau the dictator made it so. Even I’m surprised that it appears single shot 12 gauge shotguns has made the list of “prohibited weapons”. Vote Trudeau and his inner circle out of office and let’s finally fix this mess.

  3. I thought Canada was supposed to be a Democracy? Our police forces are supposed to enforce laws made by a sitting, debated in parliament government, (not Orders in Council, But debated).They are only to enforce laws like i said not make them?, but Bill C-71 lets them decide which ones to ban, etc. That sounds more like a Police state to me, not a Democracy? I thought Politicians were to listen to us? Apparently, the only time they do is to get elected? Then, They do what they want, and forget us. WAKE UP Canada, what will the Liberals band next? Fast cars? They kill more people a year than firearms ever did?

  4. Funny how a minority government has so much control. The Lib Gov is comparing a criminal who is a human predator the same as a law biding gun owner? We all know that gun toting criminals do whatever they want and don’t listen to the law. In my community the RCMP was threatened to a cut in their funding that will put the RCMP (in this community) back to horse and buggy days. So I ask the question;
    1) Who controls the RCMP?
    2) Why are they passing laws against the common public?
    3) Why do they consider law abiding gun owners a threat?
    4) What is the end goal?

    • Those are good questions, but no one has solid answers. Speculation, sure. Answers, no.

      The Liberal minority government is backed [unofficially] by two parties that are extremely anti-gun. So in effect, it’s a coalition government.

      C.S. Lewis once wrote:
      “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. “

  5. Stephen Butler | June 11, 2020 at 7:30 pm | Reply

    We should be embarresed to be discussing this legistion. The man is a total idiot.

  6. Trudeau and Blair and the rest of the Liberals
    Are a bunch of communists they have no right to take guns away from law abiding citizens people need to stand up and fight these useless shit pumps and vote them out for good.This is how civil wars start when freedom of speech , democracy ,and personal, property is taken by governments.

  7. Why is “Canada” trying so hard to disarm legal citizens? Is there an ulterior motive? Is Trudeau helping the Chinese / Russians invade us without resistance?
    Do you think I’m being paranoid? Think again. Trudeau really, really…really sucks. Why do we have to follow his lead into the abiss of hell like little fluffy sheep. Will Trudeau disarm his Muslim buddies in their training camps? My guess is NO. How do we separate the east from the west?
    I’m starting to hate my home. I should never have to feel like a victim of a tyrant dictator in my own home. I’m always afraid what the government will do to us next. Canada has become an unstable country. And when all the guns are taken away from us, all the military, police, invading countries, and criminals have to do is “Red Dawn”. So many “pussies” in Canada support the gun banning. How is that even possible. Wait until we all get rounded up inside fenced yards like sheep. How will we avoid this final step to eradicate the weak and defenceless should anyone, both outside Canada, and within our borders decide now is the time? We will have knives and sticks against guns. Is there anyone with power willing to keep western Canada free? It’s getting more ridiculous that we, as Canadians are not even permitted to defend or prepare to defend ourselves any more. Why are knives and white vans still legal? Lots of people have been killed with these. Canada is becoming a Red society more every year. It needs to stop before it’s too late.

    • Canada is a new country. We have yet to experience history.Ask Asians or Europeans what they think about governments changing, and the risks of being armed [or of not being armed].

      When chaos comes, as it eventually does, the typical resident must make hard decisions. To be disarmed is to be helpless. To be armed could provoke attack — by government or anti-government forces. Hard times, indeed.

  8. Lèon Gagnon | July 1, 2020 at 7:31 am | Reply

    Democracy is an illusion. The government gets what it wants and does what it wants by hook or by crook. I believe eventually a police state is coming. The police and military will be the only ones permitted weapons of any kind.

  9. Trudea is a dictator who favors communists

  10. Liberal Party ; OUT . Not only have the Liberals stomped on the rights of law abiding Canadians with the end result of making criminals out of them , but they are in the process of sewering the Canadian economy with their overspending on COVID-19 programs.How much do you want to bet they will select the ridiculously overpriced F-35 over the somewhat overpriced F-18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft , leaving Canada with the inability to properly support it’s NATO commitments and ensuring our economy stays sewered for decades to come …

  11. I am not a gun owner, though I did take a safety course and went hunting a couple of times when I was 16 (50 years ago, before Wiarton Willie became an essential worker). I’ve always been interested in weaponry and history. I have no problems with legal gun owners, although the AR-15 looks ugly to me (give me a bolt action polished wood stocked weapon any time). I have seen that the number of shootings and criminal activity by licensed gun owners, with licensed weapons has been, to put it bluntly, miniscule! Illegal weapons smuggled over the border and used by criminals, are the problem. Of course, legal gun owners are easier to find and control than criminals. Locking up the criminals, confiscating their weapons, and correcting social injustices will have the desired effect without any new laws.

  12. Wow! I thought we had it bad in the USA. Do you have an NRA type organization in Canada? Best wishes to you all

    • There are a few organizations in Canada that oppose gun control, the Canadian National Firearms Association, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, and Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights. Unfortunately, there’s no Second Amendment, no legal or popular support for defending oneself against criminal attack, so it’s a one-sided argument. We are ignored pretty much. But we continue to point out the ridiculousness of the gun restrictions.

  13. Best of luck to you

  14. The liberal government and Blair will end up banning all guns in Canada if they keep it up, one law at a time. Of course the criminal element will still have lots of guns whenever they want. Most shootings in this country are committed by criminals not regular gun owners with a licence. We have to many anti gun people in this country and it is getting worse, it will be to late to holler after they take away our rights, what will it be next ? We need to get a government that looks after peoples rights not just take away what they feel like taking, to many pussies in this government.

  15. Blair and Trudeau are slowly taking away the freedom for us to have and use our firearms in a lawful way. They will keep picking at this and that and it will be so restrictive that many gun owners will just give up. The liberals have to go and we need to get the laws relaxed for regular gun owners , so they can go to the range or hunting etc. Blair is a sneaky son of a bitch that I don’t trust. Get the liberals out and elect a government that is in favour of gun owners and perhaps go after the criminals that use guns, this country needs a plebiscite and bring in the death penalty . Instead we have wimps that want to save everyone. They make me sick

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