Disarming Canadians for their own good

The Trudeau family disarming Canadians 'for their own good.'Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin are destroying traditional Canada to build a "post national" state

Progressives are disarming Canadians for their own good. They are falsely claiming it’s for safety reasons. Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, opened the doors to modern “gun control” in 1969.

Bill C-21 is the latest in a parade of “progressive” firearms laws that have unjustly targeted Canadian firearms owners. Progressives say it’s for public safety, but that’s false. There are other reasons.

Progressives need to erase Canada’s proud history in order to create a “post-national” state. They’ve been busy over the past 50 odd years. Disarming Canadians, imposing vapid classes in Social Studies in school instead of teaching our history, and more recently, exchanging the iconic images in our passports – the Fathers of Confederation, the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France, and the courageous Terry Fox – for bland images of polar bears, people jumping in a lake, and snowflakes. When will we wake up?

Disarming Canadian citizens diminishes our ability to protect ourselves and our families from armed criminals or other dangers. An armed citizenry serves as a deterrent to criminals. Removing guns from the population emboldens criminals and increases the risk of victimization. An armed population also plays an important role in national defence. In the past, Canadian citizens have been seen as a potential reserve force that can supplement the regular military in times of crisis or invasion.

Attempting to disarm Canadians may lead to a black market for firearms. Gun-confiscation measures can even erode trust in the government and law-enforcement agencies.

This brief history of Canadian gun control has been taken from my recent article in the Dorchester Review. To read more about Canadian history and politics, see the Dorchester Review.

Firearms Legislation Since 1969

YearEffect of legislation
1969The categories "firearm" "restricted weapon" and "prohibited weapon" were created
Government allowed to designate "firearms that were not normally used for hunting or sporting purposes" by Order-in-Council
A "permit to carry" no longer allowed the carrying of a handgun upon the person outside the home or place of businesses
All firearms purchasers were required to undergo a criminal record check and obtain a Firearms Acquisition Certificate. Implemented in 1979
Mandatory minimum sentences and increased penalties
Search and seizure penalties granted
New definitions for restricted and prohibited firearms
Bill C-17
Two references checks to obtain FAC
Spousal endorsement required
Photo identification
Safety training involving written and practical tests
Psychological questionnaires
Mandatory waiting period
Safe storage laws
Transportation laws
Magazine capacity restrictions
Prohibitions on military appearing firearms
New criminal code offences
Minimum sentences
Prohibition of converted full-auto firearms
1994Impementaion of psychological questionnaire
One-third of legal handguns re-classified as prohibited
Bill C-68(Short-barrels, .25 and .32 calibre handguns)
Two types of licenses required to possess a firearm
Possession-Only (POL) and Possession and Acquisition (PAL)
Further tightening licences screening
Licence required to purchase ammunition
Requirements of authorization to transport restricted firearms
Increased sentences for serious crimes involving firearms
2001Implementation of the POL/PAL system
2003Registration of all rifles and shotguns mandatory by 2003
2012Repeal of the registration of long guns
2018Introduced a "principle of restraint" that explicitly favours "release at the earliest opportunity."
Bill C-75Requires judges to consider if the accused was Indigenous or from a "vulnerable population" before setting bail conditions
2019Purchasers of long guns are required to contact Miramichi to verify the seller's PAL and to authorize transfer of ownership
Bill C-71Retailers are required to keep records for 20 years for all firearms their possession (bought, sold, repaired) in the mandated format, and to surrender records to government upon request.
2020 OICOrder-in-Council ban of so-called "assault-style" weapons (mostly semi-automatic long guns popularly used for hunting and sport shooting.
Parliamentary Budget Office estimated compensation would cost $47 to $756 million
RCMP estimated 150 million newly prohibited firearms
CSAAA estimated 518 million newly prohibited firearms
2023 budget included $29 million for 5 years to develop an IT solution to confiscating newly prohibited firearms
2022 OIC"Freeze" on importation, buying, or selling legal handguns.
CSAAA valued newly prohibited handguns at $1 billion
All handguns are required to be surrendered without compensation when the owner passes away
2022-2023Currently before the Senate
Bill C-21Red Flag and Yellow Flag laws
Bans replica firearms (e.g., "medium power"airguns, BB guns, paintball, airsoft)
Introduces 'technical' definition of future banned semi-automatic centre-fire firearms - includes most popular models of hunting and sport shooting firearms
Enacts the 2020 and 2022 OICs into legislation
Bans firearms advertising that promotes 'violence'
Grandfathering and compensation remain undecided
Exempts Indigenous Canadians from new firearm restrictions

Canadian Prime Ministers

Pierre Trudeau [L]April 1968 to June 1979reclassified the AR-15 to "restricted"
Joe Clark [PC]June 1979 to March 1980reclassified the AR-15 to "non-restricted"
Pierre Trudeau [L]March 1980 to June 1984
John Turner [L]June 1984 to September 1984
Brian Mulroney [PC]September 1984 to June 1993
Kim Campbell [PC]June 1993 to November 1993
Jean Chretien [L]November 1993 to December 2003
Paul Martin [L]December 2003 to February 2006
Stephen Harper [C]February 2006 to November 2015
Juntin Trudeau [L]November 2015 to ????

4 Comments on "Disarming Canadians for their own good"

  1. It’s never been about “public safety”. Anyone that thinks that government bureaucrats, politicians, or media types care about anyone’s safety but their own, is delusional. This has been about complete public disarmament, to the point where we become victims of our own stupidity and naivete, by allowing the elites to establish and maintain control of the population by the use of force, since they would then be the ones with all the guns.
    It’s absurd to believe anything otherwise. This is how totaliarian police states are born. First you lie to the population about caring about their safety, take advantage of any random unrelated mass killings where firearms may have been involved, to support the narrative, and slowly disarm the people until they become completely compliant. That’s when the real killing can begin, just like it has in every police state as far back as modern history goes, and it’s why the leftist politicians (Liberals/NDP) want you to surrender your guns, and your personal freedom. To enable them to commit political genocide, if they choose.
    We cannot allow this to happen. Not now. Not ever.

  2. I wake up at night to hate him

  3. Albert Douglas Lorenzen | June 24, 2023 at 12:57 pm | Reply

    How to break a Country.
    1- Drive the country into poverty.
    2- Disarm the citizens.

    Canada is heading towards one wold order.

  4. Its very simple. Trudeau is apparently our “leader” so when his security detail feel its ok to give up their firearms I MAY consider handing mine in. ( But I like to hunt so probably not!!)

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