Don’t be fooled

Economic impact of shooting sports and fishing

Don’t be fooled.

Citizens with guns are a force for good, not evil.

The condemnation of guns is a war on traditional cultural values, particularly the importance of fathers in teaching self-discipline and self-respect.

Stand up for Canadian gun owners by learning the facts and sharing them with your friends and family.

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Don’t let yourself be fooled by the national mainstream media.

There are more civilian gun owners than you might think.

Together, hunters and sport shooters, are an important part of Canada.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, gun sports are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Read the whole thing. Here is the full report — in English. In French. Apologies. Not available in other languages, such as, Mandarin, Spanish, or Punjabi. It should be.

At least 15% of Canadian households have one or more firearms.

The RCMP has recorded 2.2 million PAL holders, and according to StatsCan, there are 14 million households, that’s 16% of households with a PAL holder.

Undoubtedly, many more households have firearms without bothering about getting a PAL.

This is not a rural vs urban issue – many gun owners live in urban areas. The suburbs are particularly rich with hunters and those who enjoy the shooting sports.

Half of all families who hunt live in large Canadian metro areas.

2 Comments on "Don’t be fooled"

  1. With the apathy of voters today, a solid voting block of 2 Million can make the difference. This election is a wake up to socialists who will destroy our country. We must not hand another mandate to that lying, arrogant, phoney virtue-signalling hypocrite. Get all your shooting friends out to vote. Convince fence-sitters. This may be the most important election of our lives.
    Another comment. I wish Prof Mauser would publish a rebuttal to the liberal policy paper which contains a lie in every line.

  2. And do not rely on the PPC to save your FA’s that just a complete fail.

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