Evidence does not support the Trudeau Liberal’s gun ban

Public Safety Minister Bill BlairTrudeau tasks Blair with rifle "buy back" and banning handguns rather than gang violence

The evidence does not support the Trudeau Liberal’s gun ban

Firearms crime in Canada will not be affected by these Regulations.
1. The evidence does not support the public safety justification given for these Regulations.

Gun crime is less than one-half of one percent of overall police reported crime; guns are involved in 3% of violent crime, and used to injure a victim in under 1% of incidents. [Juristat, StatsCan presentation to Minister, Feb 18 2019]

The use of firearms in homicide has been exaggerated.
Knives are used as often in homicide as firearms.

Homicide Methods

Annual average(2001-2018)
Total methods594

2. There is no statistical evidence that the affected firearms – or long guns of any kind — are disproportionately used in criminal offences in Canada.

Firearms Homicide

Annual average(2001-2018)
Total firearms187
Rifle or shotgun41
Fully automatic firearm4
Other/type unknown28

3. Large numbers of civilians own firearms peaceably and legally, according to the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program. On 31 December 2019 the CFP reported that 2,216,509 individuals legally owned firearms. Each legal owner is assessed nightly under the “continuous eligibility screening” program and can lose his or her firearms if a ‘red flag’ is discovered.

Currently own a gun personally

New Brunswick21%
Nova Scotia16%

Source: Angus Reid 2019

4. Long guns of all kinds are the most popular firearm across Canada; they are primarily used for hunting but also feature prominently in target sports. And have been for more than a century. Without posing disproportionate problems for public safety.

Percentage of Each Type of Firearm
Owned by Firearms Households


Note: 13% of Canadian households reported owning firearms
Source: GPC 2001 report

5. Canadian gun owners do not pose a threat to public safety. According to Statistics Canada data, gunowners are less likely to commit murder than are other Canadians.

PAL holder0.69
All adults2.22
Adult males4.71

Source: Special Request Statistics Canada

NB. Since PAL holders are adults, the most appropriate comparisons are other adults. Adult males are the most appropriate comparison group, because 80% of PAL holders are male.

6. Gang crime is responsible for gun crime, not lawful owners, and it is growing

Most of gun crime is gang related 47%
Most gang crime is gun related 87%

Source: Firearm-related Crime in Canada, Yvan Clermont, Statistics Canada presentation
18 February 2019

7. The bulk of guns used in homicide are illegally possessed. During the period the long-gun registry was in effect (1998-2012), few registered firearms were used in committing homicide.

Statistics Canada, Homicide Survey Project (1997-2004)
Firearms used in homicide found in registry 16%

Statistics Canada, Special Request (2003-2015)

Firearms used in homicide2,290
Legally registered201
Percentage registered9%

This percentage (9%) represents the combined total of stolen firearms, straw-purchased firearms, and firearms used by a legal owner to commit murder.

8. Stolen firearms are not a major source of crime guns. Crime guns are much more likely to have been smuggled than stolen.

Between 1998-2012, Toronto Police Service identified fewer stolen firearms among ‘crime guns’ than smuggled firearms.

Toronto Police Services reported crime guns stolen from a Canadian owner (who may or may not own his or her firearm legally)


Statistics Canada does not have systematic data collection program for tracing ‘crime guns,’ but it developing one. So all that is available are sporadic police reports and occasional Special Requests from Statistics Canada.

9. Legally owned firearms are unlikely to be stolen and used in violent crimes.

Legal firearms Stolen and Subsequently Used in Violent Crime

Firearms Registry2006-2012
198,775Violent crimes involving firearms
32,450Legal firearms reported stolen
3%Percentage stolen used in violent crimes
974Stolen firearms used in violent crime
0.5%Percentage violent crimes involving firearms stolen from legal owners

Sources: Statistics Canada, Canadian Firearms Program, Firearms Registry

10. PAL holders are not involved with gangs (2006-2016)

PAL holderNo PALTotal
Gang related5219224
Not gang related181507688

Special request, Statistics Canada

Updated 31 May 2020

4 Comments on "Evidence does not support the Trudeau Liberal’s gun ban"

  1. Hello, the curtailing of various firearms is most definitely an infringement of property rights – unfortunately, one officer, with a 10 second interview, can state that the individual in question is troubled or unstable. With the price of firearms ( some being worth thousands of dollars – small town police depots do not mind the incredible donations to the pension fund after various seizures ) not all civil wage earners are all that honest.

  2. Ron Pettigrew | May 30, 2020 at 3:33 am | Reply

    Excellent research. THese facts have to be brought forward,front and centre and have to be heard.

  3. Charles Schafer | May 30, 2020 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    These statistics are definitive evidence of where the gun problem lies. Therefore, we can easily conclude that Bill C-71 is basically poorly-conceived or worse (misguided, or just another waste of precious taxpayer dollars that are needed for many other health, infrastructure and economy boosting activities that are seemingly of lesser importance to the Liberal camp).

    • When your opponent appears to be too ignorant or stupid to believe, it is time not to believe. You are assuming that the Liberals care about fighting crime and think gun laws will do something. Perhaps the Liberals don’t care, but just think they can win votes from the public believing gun laws will work. Perhaps they just want to lure the Conservatives into a trap? Perhaps the Liberals just want to fleece their supporters who do believe? Why would the Liberals care about crime? About victims? About gun owners ? They care about power.

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