Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The current Canadian gun laws are based on Bill C-68 that was passed by the Chrétien government back in 1995. Its effects, particularly licensing, started to hit lawful gun owners in 1998 when licensing and registration began to be mandatory.

What’s Wrong with Licensing?

Licensing is strangling traditional firearms culture. Anyone who wants to own a firearm in Canada must apply to the RCMP’s Firearm Program in order to obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence. Once an applicant clears the criminal record check, takes and passes the required training course in firearms handling, the PAL holder is then treated by the police as if he or she posed a danger to the community, not as a trusted civilian who is a community resource. PAL holders are considered a community threat and included along with violent criminals on the Canadian Police Information Centre’s information system. The police are trained to treat PAL holders differently from other Canadians and potentially dangerous.

Is BCWF Political Action Alliance affiliated with the BC Wildlife Federation?

No. BCWF Political Action Alliance (PAA) is an independent, distinct organization, with no legal relationship to the BC Wildlife Federation.  PAA is a separate BC society registered with the BC Societies with it’s own board of directors. PAA receives no financial support from the BC Wildlife Federation.

Why was BCWF Political Action Alliance Created?

BCWF PAA was founded to advocate for sensible gun ownership legislation during federal election campaigns. Our goal is to elect MP’s who are supportive of the Canadian firearms community.

The BC Wildlife Federation is a charity, so it cannot legally campaign during elections. PAA can and does. PAA is one of the few outdoor organization that works to elect friendly  politicians; almost all other outdoor organizations are prohibited from doing so.