Gun control doesn’t work

gun control futile ignores criminalsPublic Safety Minister Ralph Goodale calls for more gun controls

Mark Johnson has written a powerful indictment of Canada’s gun control system in a new and exciting forum, Conservative Futures.

snip:  According to Statistics Canada, 94% of firearms used in crimes were smuggled into Canada illegally. According to a study from Simon Fraser University, 93% of those convicted of homicide involving a firearm have never had a gun license.

The fact is that when a politician, university professor or armchair policy analyst says the answer to a particular tragedy is more gun control, they are simply advancing a political agenda.

As Instapundit famously says: Read the whole thing!

Gun control doesn’t work.


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  1. I cannot believe Ralph Godalel is that stupid , well I guess I can , he is a liberal.
    What are the liberals thinking . No way they can do away with lead!

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