Gun control doesn’t work

gun control futile ignores criminalsPublic Safety Minister Ralph Goodale calls for more gun controls

Mark Johnson has written a powerful indictment of Canada’s gun control system in a new and exciting forum, Conservative Futures.

snip:  According to Statistics Canada, 94% of firearms used in crimes were smuggled into Canada illegally. According to a study from Simon Fraser University, 93% of those convicted of homicide involving a firearm have never had a gun license.

The fact is that when a politician, university professor or armchair policy analyst says the answer to a particular tragedy is more gun control, they are simply advancing a political agenda.

As Instapundit famously says: Read the whole thing!

Gun control doesn’t work.


2 Comments on "Gun control doesn’t work"

  1. I cannot believe Ralph Godalel is that stupid , well I guess I can , he is a liberal.
    What are the liberals thinking . No way they can do away with lead!

  2. When prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, return to Canada with constitution from England, he bragged, that on signing the modified bill.
    He had deliberately left out, the right to own firearms, and the right to full ownership of property.
    That is why the Government can expropriate land, and now the government wants to apply that to firearms.
    Hopefully the next election will set this right.
    Just from looking at him Bill Blair is an arrogant bully, much like Trump. Trudeau, well he is a puppet.

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