Is Canada sliding down the slippery slope of gun control?

To find out what gun laws the Liberal government is likely to introduce, we need to better understand the past and learn how we ended up with our current regime. The Liberals have a long history of bringing in restrictive gun controls.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” according George Santayana, the famous philosopher.

To get a peek at the history of gun control in Canada, start with a series of articles in the Hill Times written by Bill Stanley, UBC professor emeritus, and Allan Smithies, then Research Director for Canadian Shooting Sports Association, back in March 2003.

These articles aren’t available through the Hill Times website (at least I couldn’t find them), but fortunately, Dennis Young has kept a copy. I believe he rescued it from former MP Garry Breitkreuz’s old files.

Historically, gun control was introduced because Canadian authorities were concerned about the potential for violence and “disloyalty” of non-English Canadians, e.g., Irish, Italian, Scottish, and French.

Xenophobia didn’t end in the 19th century. During World War II, Japanese Canadians had to surrender their firearms before they were forcibly relocated to internment camps in the interior.

Apparently, in the 21st century, the government suspects all of us of disloyalty or violence.


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