Liberal gun policy has failed

Canadian firearm homicide victimsLiberal gun policy has not reduced firearm homicides

Liberal gun policy has failed Canadians, according to the most recent StatsCan report. In 2022, firearms-related violent crime hit the highest level since 2009. Firearms-related violent crime is under 3% of violent crime but has grown by 55% since 2013. [See Table 1]

The 342 homicides with firearms in 2022 represent the most since homicide data began being collected in 1961. According to StatsCan, total homicides jumped from 609 victims in 2015, when Justin Trudeau took over, to 874 in 2022. That’s almost a 50% increase.

The Liberals knew their gun policy would fail. They want to fighten the public.

Instead of protecting the public from violent criminals, the Trudeau Liberals have focused on harassing law-abiding Canadian gun owners. The 2020 ban of semi-automatic hunting rifles, the “freeze” on handgun transfers, bills C-71 (2019) and C-21 (2024). The result is that gun crime is mostly paper crime.

Moose kill more people than PAL holders. 

Statistics Canada noted that in 2022, “The firearms used in homicides were rarely legal firearms used by their legal owners who were in good standing.” Just 23 PAL holders were among the 686 people accused of homicide in 2022. (See Page 34).

The Trudeau Liberals have made Canada a sanctuary for gangsters.

Disbanding the Port Police has left our ports unprotected from organized crime. Lax or non-existent enforcement has turned Canada into a safe place to do business for some of the biggest international criminals. About half (47%) of shooting homicides were related to organized crime in 2022, according to StatsCan. More than two-thirds (69%) of victims of firearm-related homicides were involved in illegal activities, compared with one-third (33%) of victims of homicides that did not involve a firearm. (See Page 34).

Canada’s bail system fails to keep repeat violent offenders off our streets. Thanks to attempts by radical progressives, repeat violent offenders are all too often released into the community. The Trudeau Liberals attempts to “help” groups who are over-represented in the justice system, such as Indigenous and black Canadians, just mean more victims.

Trudeau’s “catch and release” approach to violent crime victimizes indigenous people and visible immigrants.

Indigenous Canadians are more likely to be homicide victims than non-Indigenous Canadians as well as more likely to be accused of homicide. In 2022, indigenous Canadians were 17 per cent of the victims of firearm-related violent crime — three times higher than their share of Canadians at five per cent. Indigenous made up an even higher proportion of victims of homicide not using a firearm at 33 per cent. (See Page 33).

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