Liberal virtue signaling meets CanPost

Canada Post rejects Liberal virtue signallingCanada Post rejects Ottawa's offer to collect Newly Prohibited Firearms

Liberal virtue signaling meets CanPost. The Trudeau Liberals are still barking up the wrong tree — blaming “guns” – not gangsters. According to the Liberals, “gun violence” Is the fault of duck hunters … not gang bangers.

Beyond virtue signaling, the Liberals haven’t managed to “buyback” any of the guns they banned back in 2020.

The Trudeau Liberals virtue signaling meets CanPost 

The CBC reported recently that Canada Post refuses to cooperate with the gun confiscations. The Liberals imagined we could just drop our “assault-style” weapons in a post box, and CanPost would automatically deliver the guns for destruction.

Calibre had uncovered CanPost’s rejection of this scheme two years ago, but it wasn’t public knowledge. With CanPost’s incompetence and untrustworthiness, see here and here.  CanPost can pat itself on its back for recognizing its weaknesses.

To protect Canadians, Ottawa should focus on jailing murderers instead of wasting money confiscating lawfully held and lawfully used firearms.

Murderers are aberrant

Murderers are aberrant. As are most murder victims. Violent criminals should be kept in prison, not released by a “revolving door” court system.

If you don’t have a criminal record, an alcohol or drug problem, and don’t hang around those who do, you’re not likely to be a murder victim … or a murderer.

The bulk of murderers have criminal records, as do murder victims.

StatsCan reported that two-thirds (62%) of adults accused of homicide had a criminal record, as did over half (54%) of homicide victims. (Juristat, Homicide 2020)

Most murders are committed while drunk or high according to StatsCan.

For example, StatsCan reported that 75% of those accused of homicide were under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants, while 62% of the victims were as well. (Juristat, Homicide 2012)

Most murder victims know their accused murderer, either family (30%), acquaintance (35%), or someone with whom they had a criminal relationship (9%). (StatsCan 2014-2022)

Stranger murders are infrequent …just 16% in StatsCan (2014-2022).

One-fifth (20%) of adults accused of homicide have a mental or developmental disorder.
In 2018, almost a third (30%) of those accused of homicide were reported by police as Indigenous StatsCan reported. (Juristat Homicide 2017)

Some communities are more likely to be involved in murders.

For example, Canadians living in the north or Indigenous Canadians are more likely to be a murder victim or a victim of violence. The likelihood becoming a homicide victim for an Indigenous person is seven times higher than the rate for non-Indigenous, StatsCan reported in both 2019 and 2020.

Indigenous men were charged with murder at a ten times higher rate than non-Indigenous men, StatsCan reported in 2022.

Progressives in the United States have eviscerated Black communities. Black Americans living in Democrat controlled big cities in the United States have elevated murder rates. Black Americans have a homicide rate of 6.4 per 100,000, while White Americans have a homicide rate of 1.3 per 100,000, according to the FBI 2019 crime statistics. Tellingly, almost all (89%) murders of Black people are by other Black people. See Table 6.

Note: The 2019 FBI crime report has the most recent statistics that can be trusted. Because of a new FBI format, fewer police departments have reported to the FBI UCR database. Recent FBI crime reports include neither Los Angeles nor New York. Other cities, such as Baltimore, under report crimes.  

Liberal government virtue signaling fails again

The progressives in both countries prefer to blame duck hunters rather than attempt to take serious steps to alleviate the problems facing people in disadvantaged communities. 

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