Lock up violent criminals

Gun grab via Orders-in-CouncilPM Trudeau tries to divert attention away from gang violence by attacking lawful PAL holders

Lock up violent criminals. Gun control is just a trick the Trudeau Liberals use to hide the problems of violent crime behind the screen of imposing ever more restrictions on honest respectable citizens. Years ago, I imagined the Liberals were just short sighted or that they thought that campaigning on gun control would help them get them elected. I thought they were just cynical, not ideological. Now I know better.

The Trudeau Liberals know what they’re doing; they are not stupid. It should come as no surprise: the Liberals don’t love Canada. The Liberals are chasing an elusive dream of making Canada a “post-colonial” state. Canadians are “settlers” and “colonialists” – and that’s “bad.” The Liberals want to “cancel” traditional Canada, and confiscate civilian owned guns.

I finally decided that the Liberals are ideological

The Liberals believe civilians should not own guns. They deliberately push policies – like “catch and release” bail for violent criminals — in order to frighten a gullible public into supporting more restrictions on guns.

The Liberals know these policies will inevitably escalate violent crime. Increasing violent crime alarms the public who then reward the Liberals by supporting their gun controls and ever bigger government. Don’t believe it? Check out justiceforgunowners.ca.

Violent criminals are the problem, not guns 

Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives know this. The Conservatives promise to go after criminals, not law-abiding Canadians who own firearms.

Lock up violent criminals

Violent criminals need to be locked up. But Liberal policies are intended to keep violent criminals and repeat offenders on the streets. Thanks to the Liberals, criminals are released as soon as they are arrested to just commit more crimes. Thanks to a court system infected with “progressive” judges, criminals get light sentences and are back out of the streets with little or no attempt at rehabilitation.

The high recidivism rates tell an ugly story 

Recidivism is when offenders commit new crimes after being released from custody. If prison can rehabilitate people, few offenders should commit new crimes after getting out.

Unfortunately, many offenders commit vicious crimes when released. One example, a violent offender – recently out on bail — with a decade-long gun ban — was caught with a loaded handgun in Brampton Ontario. His gun ban didn’t deter him from obtaining and carrying an illegal firearm.

Recent crackdowns on shoplifters in Vancouver recently netted hundreds of offenders with a total of nearly 5,000 previous convictions, many violent. Such people shouldn’t be out on the street committing crimes. One offender with 37 criminal convictions threatened staff with a knife at a dollar store near Granville and Dunsmuir streets in order to steal merchandise. Despite being charged with serious offences, he was quickly released from custody.

After getting out of prison most criminals re-offend

The Canadian government tries to hide the real statistics, but according to one study, over three-quarters (77%) of violent offenders in BC, after being arrested, are released on bail. Only to re-offend once they get out.

A ground-breaking analysis of provincial prisoners found that half (50%) were reconvicted less than three years after being freed. This study was based on nearly 70,000 released offenders from five provincial correctional programs: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in 2015/2016.

Offenders originally convicted for more serious crimes were reconvicted at a much higher rate than those who had been sentenced for a minor crime. Custodial sentences are typically handed out to more dangerous offenders. A larger proportion of people who served a custodial sentence (66%) were reconvicted, compared with those who were sentenced solely to community supervision (40%).

Longer sentences protect the public

The Canadian study looked at reconviction rates after just 3-years after release from prison, what happens after a longer time? A recent report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of American prisoners found that nine years after getting out of prison over 80% of the released prisoners had been re-arrested. Almost half (43%) of the violent criminals who had been released were re-arrested for a violent crime.

Despite what Liberal apparatchiks claim, solid research in both Canada and the United States shows that longer sentences for violent criminals protect public safety. Not shorter sentences. Common sense is vindicated.

Summing up – lock up violent criminals

Liberal policies favour criminals. Not civilian gun owners. Not the public. “Catch and release” bail policies do not improve public safety. Releasing violent offenders from prison does not keep communities safe. It is misguided to release violent offenders from jail because the public suffers. Keeping violent criminals in jail as long as possible is sound policy and means fewer victims.

We need to lock up violent criminals for public safety.

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  1. Herman Folgering | March 14, 2024 at 5:49 pm | Reply

    Jail should be punishment, not the vacation colonies they are nowadays.
    Hard labor would be the answer for repeat criminals.

  2. Canada doesn’t have a justice system anymore? To many bleeding hearts out there. The penthouse jails of today don`t have anything to do with punishment. When criminals leave; they know they won’t be doing hard times. So; there isn`t any deterrent?

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