More gun laws on the horizon

Gun grab via Orders-in-CouncilPM Trudeau tries to divert attention away from gang violence by attacking lawful PAL holders

More gun laws on the horizon. The unnecessary elections this year left the Trudeau Liberals with approximately 159 seats (a few seats remain to be decided). Another minority government. The Liberals can still impose new gun laws with the support of either the Bloc or the NDP, neither of which are friends of civilian firearms ownership. The Conservatives, with 119 seats, are the only political party in Parliament that treats the firearms community somewhat respectfully.

Draconian gun laws are coming:

During the campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to:

* Toughen our laws on banned assault weapons by making it mandatory for owners to either sell the firearm back to the government for destruction and fair compensation or have it rendered fully and permanently inoperable at government expense.

* Set aside a minimum of $1 billion to support provinces or territories who implement a ban on handguns across their jurisdiction, to keep our cities and communities safe.

Trudeau has doubled down on Bill C-21:

* The Liberals withdrew their intention to allow owners of firearms banned by the May 2020 OIC to keep them locked up until they are confiscated at their death.

* The Liberals promise to encourage provinces and territories (rather than municipalities as they did in the now defunct Bill C-21) to ban licensed handguns. To accomplish this, they have budgeted at least $1 billion in taxpayer money in 2022-2023 to bribe provinces.

Meanwhile, Conservatives are wondering if O’Toole should be dumped

The Conservatives lost a winnable election by attempting to be “Liberal light.” After winning the leadership claiming to be a “True Blue” Tory, O’Toole abandoned traditional conservative values to pose as a progressive. His pivot to the centre backfired alienating his base but failing to make inroads into suburbs as he had promised. The results were disappointing: dropping from 121 seats in 2019 to just 119 seats in 2021.

During the election campaign, O’Toole abandoned his supporters in his attempt to appeal to progressives. Canadians want a leader who will stand up for his or her principles. Decisions must be made quickly because Trudeau threatens to call another election in less than a year.

Many gun owners are rightfully furious about O’Toole’s flip-flop. O’Toole lost his credibility when he abandoned his promise to cancel the Liberals’ 2020 ban of so-called “assault-style weapons.” The repeal was clearly stated in the Conservative Party Platform, and O’Toole had promised earlier he would honour that promise as Prime Minister.

But after the first debate, O’Toole seemed to be caught off guard by questions about his support for “assault rifles.” He shouldn’t have been surprised. The media has long been quick to attack anyone who deviates from Liberal orthodoxy on guns. O’Toole quickly backtracked, claiming he would maintain the 2020 ban until he could conduct a ‘transparent” review. By apologizing, he squandered an opportunity to reframe the discussion to be about “gang violence” rather than “gun violence.”

Instead of apologizing, the proper strategy is to go on the offensive. Hit the Liberals on their “hug-a-thug” record. In both Metro Vancouver and the GTA there were horrific acts of violence committed by repeat offenders under court-ordered gun prohibitions. Canadians need to be reminded that gang crime springs from the Trudeau Liberal record of being soft on criminals.

The only way for the Conservatives to win is to stand up for conservative principles, not copy the progressives. The Conservatives are the only political party with a chance to form government that respects the firearms community.

Mad Max and the Peoples’ Party

By abandoning traditional Conservative principles, O’Toole opened the door for the People’s Party of Canada. Pre-election polls estimated that the PPC could steal up to 28 seats from the Conservatives and let the Liberals win. According to rumour, the PPC is funded by Liberals as a way to drain support from the Conservatives.

Reality did not live up to the hype. My analysis of the vote shows that the PPC mainly attracted anti-vaxxers, not disgruntled gun owners. By focusing on opposing mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns, Bernier drew from a variety of parties. According to polls, the PPC attracted Greens, Liberals, disaffected Tories, new voters, as well as some who would have sat on their hands instead of voting. Estimates differed on how many of the PPC vote came from Conservatives. Abacus estimated 60% of those who intended to vote PPC had voted Conservative in 2019, other estimates were just one third of the PPC vote would have gone to the Conservatives.

The PPC vote was a spoiler in 24 of the country’s 338 ridings, according to Elections Canada. In those ridings the PPC vote was greater than the difference between the Conservative candidate and the winner. Of course, not all of the PPC vote could be expected to go Conservative. If one-third of the PPC vote had gone Conservative, the Conservatives would have gained 5 more seats (4 from the Liberals, 1 from the NDP). If 60%, the Conservatives would have gained 10 more seats (7 from the Liberals, 3 from the NDP). Bernier’s PPC wounded the Conservatives, but it did not swing the election.

Decisions, decisions

Gun owners need to decide: should they stick with the Conservatives or back a splinter party like the PPC. Remember, elections are not a beauty contest. No one should believe elections pick a savior who will then deliver all their wishes. Citizenship requires doing more than just voting and complaining on Facebook. Whichever party you decide to support, good citizenship requires work to ensure that your chosen party will actually back the policies you prefer. Another point to ponder is that support for a splinter party like the PPC could lock in Liberal governments for decades to come. Would that be wise?

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  1. Great article Ty, although O’Toole did bring up the failed Liberal “Guns and Gangs” policy it was to little to late for some. That would not be wise. 🙂 Shared.

  2. edward kennedy | October 6, 2021 at 5:57 pm | Reply

    I decided as did many others when the C-68 BS started, that to resist meant to ignore the lying hoplophobes and their fake laws.. Same modus operandi is in order.

  3. I’m 76, I’ve voted Conservative all my life. Every time they do get in, they just about always forget the west in favour of Quebec and Toronto unless they need money. This time I had to Vote with my gut and my thoughts of the future, and not the present. Look what Quebec has accomplished by the constant threat of separatism with the Bloc. They get everything and anything they want, even our(the West’s) money, while blocking the very thing(pipelines and oil) that provides that money. What a great plan. I voted MAVERICK.

    • Personally, I think the best way to guard my rights is to fight within the Conservative Party, but I must admit it is not the only way to help build a better Canada. Supporting Maverick or another splinter party might well be the best way. Reform was [finally] successful — at least partially. So, good luck to you!

  4. edward kennedy | October 7, 2021 at 1:27 am | Reply

    “Another point to ponder is that support for a splinter party like the PPC could lock in Liberal governments for decades to come. Would that be wise?”

    Not at all and much as I and others embrace splinter party PPC principles, it is insanity to change course in mid stream that would tip the boat over resulting in all on board drowning. As to law enforcement, each individual member has to face the fact that enforcing stalinist disarmament laws is an act of cowardly sedition against the security of the nation, justice, and freedom. A fake leader and his LPC ASSministration, with the backing of other treasonous political party hacks, demonstrated that it was acceptable to allow over five dozen terrorist DAESH/ISIS fighters who are sex traffickers, torturers, rapists, pedophiles, murderers into the country than to deny them entry, and in process endanger us all. So what is the reason of the insanity of LPC, NDP, Bloc, and Greeners who the sheeple voted for? Huh? It is never logical to vote for any party that does not trust the people to own firearms and it is stupidity in action for law enforcement to alienate themselves from their support base by enforcing stalinist laws imposed by a boy king who is the worst not so “prime” minister fools elected as their first move to attack freedom and justice.

    It is however understandable that people who cannot figure out what gender they are and who eat detergent pods would vote for a liar, hoplophobe, and mental midget embracing the mores of dictators, murderous tyrants, and criminals. The biggest danger of all that is good is the illogical idiocy of the sheeple, streamed out of the fake education CYSTem with a mental capacity destroyed by same as these minions of maggotry impose their politically correct craziness on vulnerable children. “ASSademics” are the biggest mental abusers of children using the classroom to impose their poison into the minds of vulnerable children.

    Not only is stupid forever, but not curable.

    • Well put and sadly true. I fear for today and the not too distant future. This has been in the works for sometime now. It started with pop-phsyc and child worship. The majority can’t see it or are too lazy to act. 40 years ago Canada was the worlds last great hope, but it’s already too late. I hope to God I’m wrong. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms isn’t worth the ink it was written with, let alone the paper it was written on. Judges, Senators and Dear Leader himself wipe each others’ bottoms with it daily.

      • Thank you for your support. The Charter, like any legal document, is just a paper defence of our rights and freedoms. The only strong guarantee is the dedication and activism of the public. A nation of sheep earns itself a government of wolves. We must keep fighting for our rights. And never give up. Thanks for joining me in the continuous battle.

  5. Excellent article, thank you! I don’t need to post any comments because we all know the score. I still just can’t believe that the Fiberal Party got in with another minority; it goes to show how many people have lost their ability to think, thanks largely in part to the lies of mainstream media. Completely and utterly brainwashed, although there has to be a great lack of actual intelligence to begin with in order to succumb to such blatant lies. There is so much evil in the world right now and it’s getting worse daily, with much of it right here in our formerly great country. I almost remember the days when I held my head high and was proud to call myself a Canadian, whereas now I hang my head in shame and would deny it, given the choice.

    • Never hang your head! and never give up Your Guns! speak loud and proud and we can change this Country… Maybe a hint of what it was years ago when I decided to call it my own. Thanks and stand tall.

  6. I am very disappointed by the partisan support for the conservative party and the disparaging hits on the PPC. The conservative party is self destructing and no longer has the trust of the Canadian people. The turncoat stance of O’Toole solidified that. I am a strong proponent of gun ownership and the right to bear arms in Canada. That sentiment is still strong in much of rural maritime Canada. Gun ownership is strong in the PPC ranks. Your “split the vote” propaganda against the PPC makes clear your political bias and disregard for PPC gun owners. Big mistake. Gonna cost you a lot of lost memberships. We will find our representation elsewhere.

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