More guns, less criminal violence

82 Percent of Mass Public Shootings Take Place in Gun Free Zones [1998 to 2023]

Canadian media routinely exploit shooting tragedies in the US to push for even more gun restrictions. Don’t be fooled. To get the truth about American gunowners or shootings, check out John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center website.

Never trust CBC. When another shooting happens at a school or a mall, politicians and the media will claim that many hundreds of mass shootings occur each year.

False Claim #1: CNN recently claimed there had been 584 mass shootings in 2023; in reality, there have only been 7 mass public shootings.

The media deliberately confuse ‘shootings’ with “shooting murders.’

The exaggerated statistics cited by CNN and the CBC come from the Gun Violence Archive, which broadly defines mass shootings to include any time four or more people are shot or injured. Note: “shootings,” not deaths. And the Gun Violence Archive includes suicides when talking about “gun violence.”

The CPRC follows the traditional FBI rule that classified “mass murders” as four or more people being murdered. Academic studies typically use a similar definition.

Here are a few facts from the CPRC debunking common lies.

False Claim #2: “Assault-style” weapons drive mass shootings

Fewer than 17% of mass shootings involve rifles of any kind, and “assault-style” weapons are just a small share of those. Handguns dominate mass shootings.

False Claim #3: Gun bans and gun-free zones save lives

Almost all (82%) mass public shootings take place in gun-free zones.
Gun bans hurt vulnerable minorities. The victims of violent criminals are often minorities. Black Americans. Indigenous and Black Canadians.

False Claim #4 Mass public shooters are “white supremacists

Just 7% of mass public shooters say they are “white supremacists”. Another 8% of mass public shooters say they even looked at a “white supremacist” website. Some of these “white supremacists” are radical environmentalists.

False Claim #5: Guns in the hands of civilians are a threat to public safety.

Armed civilians are an asset not a threat. Armed civilians help the police by stopping criminal violence. The Liberals’ “catch and release” bail system fails to protect Canadians.

Guns save lives. Liberal supported restrictions on civilian gun owners cost lives. Civilians can be trained to carry firearms responsibly. They do in the US; why not in Canada? If any of the women or Kelly had possessed a weapon in the recent bear attack, most of the injuries would likely have been prevented. Use of any firearm would probably have caused the bear to retreat after a warning shot or killed the bear. Why don’t the Liberals care about protecting Canadians?

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  1. It is not lawful, RCMP vetted, licensed firearms owners who are the problem in Canada. We are not shooting up Canadian city streets; it is the drug dealers and gangs as well as other criminals. And unfortunately it is the corrupt coalition under DICKtator Trudeau and his partner Singh who are making useless laws and bans. They let criminals out on bail within hours. Lying Liberals “Hug a Thug” polices. We need a government who tells the truth, and looks after Canadians, and not the WEF globalists.Stop giving our hard earned tax dollars to foreigners, Canadians come first!

  2. An example of how trained and armed citizens reduce violent crime can be seen in Ohio, USA. They recently (June 2022) passed a law that removed the requirement for a CCP (concealed carry permit) for any Ohio resident that can legally own a firearm. Although police forces were concerned that violent/gun crime rates would rise, for the most part they actually fell. In some cases, as much as 22% As an added benefit, fewer police officers were injured by firearms after the new law was enacted.
    What’s not to like?

  3. If only Canadas Politicians had brains! Unfortunately we have this corrupt coalition under Singh and DICKtator Trudeau. But; there is a light on the horizon. Neither one will be around after the next election. I was in Texas last August. I was in 2 different department stores and saw 2 different guys with pistols on their hips. No one batted an eye, or even gave them a second thought. I guess most conceal carry now like they do in Michigan. Back in the 70`s I remember seeing many more with pistols on their hips! I even saw a guy water skiing with a 357 mag. on his hip. I asked him why, he showed me a scars on his calf. He said we are in an Alligator reserve. I long for the old times. Never had such a thing as a firearms license. Society has gone the wrong way, today. But; what do you expect from a Crime Minister who persecutes Christians?

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