Some thoughts about reforming CPIC

PAL holders and paper crimes

There are two interrelated problems with the Canadian Police Information Centre [or CPIC] that demand to be solved:

(1) the unacceptably low priority assigned to collecting and maintaining up-to-date information about violent offenders, including their current address, and

(2) the inappropriately high priority assigned to information about law-abiding citizens who hold firearm licences.

Professor Mauser makes three recommendations to address these problems:

Recommendation #1: The current addresses of violent offenders who have been released from custody should be maintained and available on CPIC.

Recommendation #2: A higher priority must be placed on funding database development within the RCMP including maintaining current addresses for violent offenders while on probation or parole.

Recommendation #3: information about firearm licence holders should be removed from CPIC or, at least, access to licensees should be restricted to criminal investigations.

For more details, read his brief 2012 paper:


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