The Liberals think Canadians are fools

Marco Mendicino is the Liberals point man for red herringsMarcho Mendicino gaslights Canadians

The Liberals think Canadians are fools

The Liberals claim their recent amendments to Bill C-21 do not target hunters, farmers and sport shooters. But Bill C-21 — and amendments — only affect law-abiding gun owners.

Bill C-21 outlaws millions of popular rifles and shotguns.

The “freeze” on legal handguns by the Trudeau Liberals is a cruel deception. Because Bill C-21 ignores violent criminals, it cannot improve public safety. How could it?

The key provisions, e.g., handgun restrictions and magazine limits, only apply to law-abiding people — PAL Holders. Not criminals.

The problem is criminal violence — not any particular type of legally owned firearm. 

The last-minute amendments prohibit millions of hunting rifles. Rifles owned by PAL holders.

Banning guns owned by PAL holders ignores the bigger problem of criminal violence.

 Statistics Canada data expose the Liberals’ claims as lies. Their so called ‘facts’ are false or misleading.

The Liberals are liars.

Assault-style firearms are not the problem, violent criminals are. 

Exceptionally few PAL holders [13] were accused of murder with a firearm in 2021.

Police and border officials point to smuggled handguns as the key source of murder weapons in Canada. 

Police chiefs report that the lion’s share of gun-related criminal violence is committed with smuggled handguns, not lawful firearms.

The Trudeau Liberals “handgun freeze” is a red herring that will do nothing to improve public safety.

The facts show that legally obtained firearms are seldom used in the commission of crimes in Canada. Canadian firearm owners have an enviable track record of care and responsibility according to police statistics.

Bill C-21 is a cynical ploy to divert the public from their failure to protect the public from violent criminals. See here and here and here and here and here. The Liberals use political theatre to fire up their left-wing base and to force Conservatives to take a stand against gun control.

The Liberals’ “freeze” on the sale and transfer of handguns, is in reality, a slow-motion confiscation. Current owners may not sell or transfer their guns to others, and no one may buy more. As current owners die, their estates must surrender their handguns to the feds.

Worse: The Liberals are attempting to strangle traditional Canadian culture by eliminating our childrens’ chance to follow in our footsteps and own and use firearms responsibly.

Bill C-21 is intended to drive young people away from the shooting sports by criminalizing popular shooting games by prohibiting “mid-velocity replica firearms,” aka airsoft guns or paint ball guns. Few criminals use paintball guns. Such guns are popular in hobbies and games. Such sports teach important life lessons.

Bill C-21 also includes the long delayed legislative justification for the the mandatory buyback of so-called “assault-style weapons” only targets lawful owners.

The Red-Flag and Yellow-Flag sections of Bill C-21 destroy the basic rights of Canadians. Gun owners or not.

The Liberals think Canadians are fools. 

Bill C-21 is a red herring to divert the public’s attention away from the Trudeau Liberals failure to deal with violent criminals. The Liberals force provinces to let violent criminals out of jail on their “catch and release” policies for gun crimes. The Liberals have reintroduced Bill C-21 after an earlier version C-21 died on the order paper, and Bill C-5 in order to eliminate mandatory minimum penalties.

Canada already has strict firearms laws that hunters and sport shooters follow religiously. The Liberals need to keep violent criminals in jail and stop criminals from smuggling guns across the border. 

Nothing in C-21 will do anything to restrict criminal violence. It is a cynical trick to divert public attention from the Liberals failure to keep violent criminals in jail.

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  1. As I’ve said many times before, this has never been about “public safety”, it has always been about “public disarmament”. The Liberals and Justin Trudeau want to remake Canada in the image of communist China, with him and them wielding absolute power over the population. Every time they take firearms away from responsible, legal, RCMP vetted hunters, sport shooters, and owners, it gets them a little bit closer to their goal of stripping away any possible means of resisting them by the use of force, should they ever cross the line and become even more totalitarian and tyrannical, like they demonstrated briefly this past February. They couldn’t care less about public safety, they only care about power and control, and as the saying goes, “An armed person is a citizen, a disarmed person is a slave”. To that end they keep on using “fear rhetoric” based on the general public’s lack of knowledge and understanding about firearms and their owners, to press on towards complete public disarmament. What the public also needs to be made aware of is the increasing numbers of shooting deaths by police in Canada since the Liberals took power, and that they can do this largely with impunity. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, police officers can use deadly force in self defense, usually their service weapons, in any situation where they feel that their personal safety is threatened, and that determination is entirely subjective. They are also NOT REQUIRED by law to speak to the SIU or it’s equivalent investigative counterparts after a fatal police shooting incident, or to give evidence therein that might tend to incriminate them. In other words, police have the power of life or death over the public, but were the situation reversed, a citizen using a firearm in self defense would in most cases be immediately charged with a crime and have to go through a very lengthy and expensive legal battle to clear their name. This creates a two tiered Canadian justice system anomaly, wherein the life of a police officer, under the law, is deemed to be more important than that of any other average citizen. Is that fair and equitable in a society that claims to be based on equal justice for all? The public needs to do some serious homework on these issues, if Canada is to remain a country where the preservation of personal freedom remains at the core of our political makeup and societal identity. Or, we can continue down the road towards complete public disarmament, becoming more like the Chinese limited dictatorship, politically. Or like Cuba, another brutal dictatorship for which Mr. Trudeau has expressed admiration and praise. The king is dead, long live we the people.

  2. My family has fought and died for Canada in WW 1 and WW 2. I was trained as well! I take great offence, that the lying liberals, under their WEF puppet, trudeau, would even think about KILLING my RIGHT to own, use, or enjoy, firearms! It may not be written down in our Charter; But; my family FOUGHT for many of OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS, that this TREASONOUS coalition government is taking away from CANADIANS! It must stop; while we still have OUR country left! Canadians have to start taking responsibility, and PUSH back; before everything is GONE! Go Pierre Go! Canada`s hope, for a better future!

  3. Firearm owners are among the safest segment of Canadians or they wouldn`t have a possession license. Trudeau makes it easier for criminals who use firearms to get early release to prey on Canadians and discriminates against the law abiding firearm owners.

  4. François Éric Ouellet | January 9, 2023 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Que dire de toutes les armes de collection qui valent des milliers de dollars qui devront être données au gouvernement à la mort des propriétaires qui ne pourront pas les céder à leurs descendants trudeau va voler c’est familles qui sont des citoyens respectueux des loi

  5. once again, honest citizens will pay the tab and loose their right to gun shooting at paper taget

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