Trudeau campaigns on fear and hate

Trudeau campaigns on fear and hateLiberals deliberately confuse thugs with hunters and sport shooters to push gun confiscation

Trudeau campaigns on fear and hate.

Trudeau exaggerates statistics to frighten the public against other Canadians who happen to own firearms. Just for votes.

The Liberals want to trick ignorant voters into believing that guns somehow cause normal people to engage in violence, even abusing women and children.

Not just ‘assault style” military looking scary semi-automatic firearms. 

All guns

Blaming hunters and sport shooters for gang violence allows the Trudeau Liberals to keep their “hug-a-thug” — most recently Bill C-71.

Key Liberal platform promises on guns:

     – make the 2020 ban of so-called “assault weapons” mandatory (instead of optional). Owners will be forced to sell the firearms to the government for destruction or have them rendered permanently inoperable.

     – ban high-capacity magazines and require that long gun magazines capable of holding more than 5 rounds be permanently altered so that they can never hold more than 5 rounds

     – give at least $1 billion to provinces or territories who implement a ban on handguns.

These new promises are on top of what they have already imposed on RCMP-vetted citizens who own firearms with Bill C-71:

  • Bringing back the long-gun registry by forcing retailers to keep records instantly accessible;
  • Forcing you to contact Miramichi to sell a rifle or shotgun
  • Imposing lifetime background checks to prevent those with a history of abuse against their spouse or partner from obtaining a firearms license.
  • Inventing “Red flag” laws that would allow immediate removal of firearms if that person is a threat to themselves or others, particularly to their spouse or partner. 

To justify their crack down on hunters, the Liberals exaggerate statistics:

  • 2019 saw the rate of firearm-related offences rise for the fifth straight year, and
  • the homicide rate was the highest in a decade,
  • with 40% of homicides involving firearms.

The Liberals misuse statistics so they won’t have to admit crucial facts:

That less than 1% of crime victims are injured with a gun.

That 95% of guns used in homicide were illegally held.

That over the past 20 years, knives are used about as often (31% vs 32%) as guns in homicide.

That 2/3 of those accused of homicide are known to have a criminal record, and that over 1/3 of homicide victims have a criminal record, according to the most recent homicide report available.

That licensed gun owners are less likely to commit homicide than other Canadians.

Their homicide rate is 0.60 per 100,000 licensed gun owners between 1997 and 2010, while, over the same period, the average national homicide rate was 1.85 per 100,000.

Tell your friends and family the facts. Don’t let them be fooled by Liberal lies. 


3 Comments on "Trudeau campaigns on fear and hate"

  1. The Liberals are really crime fighter (Justine Trudeau, Bill Blair, David Lametti) have introduced Bill C-22 that eliminates a number of firearms offences and the mandatory prison times, such as robbery with a firearm, discharging a firearm with intent to harm, and weapons trafficking. How will this stop gangs/criminal organisations

  2. Too many liberal lawyer friends get rich defending these parisite drug dealing illegal gun carrying criminals who do not care about any laws; they just care about getting rich in their chosen profession & don’t care who gets hurt or dies to achieve this; it’s called LOVE OF MONEY! These lawyer friends who get paid with tax dollars in turn donate to the liberal party! The liberals should have gone the way of the dinosaur after they gave 10.5m to a terrorist & sanctuary to terriorists; what is wrong with voters?! Our rights were paid for in flesh & blood. STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE! LEST WE FORGET!

  3. Get your family and friends to vote for the candidate in their riding who has the best chance of beating the Liberal one. Hopefully a Conservative, the only party with a chance of forming Government. Now is not the time to pick candidates that look very promising or idealistic.

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