Trudeau’s Gun Grab goes evergreen

Gun grab via Orders-in-CouncilPM Trudeau tries to divert attention away from gang violence by attacking lawful PAL holders

Trudeau’s “buyback” is a gun grab. Blair announces “evergreen” confiscations.

Here are brief updates of some of the multiple on-going Liberal attacks on gun owners:

The May Gun grab by Order-in-Council – the so-called “Buy Back” and
The RCMP’s secret re-classification of firearms

Updates on other Liberal attacks coming soon.
A New “Red Flag” law
Bill C-71
Municipal handgun bans

Thanks to Lorne Gunter and for their help in keeping me up to date!

First, the gun grab by OIC last May – the so-called “buy back.”

When the “buy back” was imposed in May 2019, Trudeau and Blair falsely claimed they were banning 1,500 military style assault rifles. It was a lie.

As Lorne GUNTER points out, over 9,500 models or variants, 400,000 individual guns will be prohibited under the May 1 list of newly banned guns. Not 1,500 as both Trudeau and Blair claimed. 

The “buy back” will fail. The New Zealand “buy back” failed as well. Few law-abiding gun owners participated.

The Buy-back program is out for tender [again].

Last May’s OIC court challenged is heating up: almost $400 000 has been donated to CCFR for the court battle. Much more may be needed. The government plans to cross examine me at some point on my affidavit. They cancelled the first appointment they’d made last month with me. I heard they were spooked.

Since Ottawa has much deeper pockets than any or all of the organizations fighting this unjust Order-in-Council, the suspicion is growing that the government is dragging it out to bankrupt us. This battle is draining the pro-gun organizations.

Second, more firearms will be secretely outlawed by an “evergreen process.”
Constantly, quietly, without any public discussion.

The firearms listed last May by OIC are not the only ones to be prohibited. The RCMP continues to secretly prohibit hundreds of firearms without informing their owners. 

Public Safety Minister Blair confirmed this when he appeared before a virtual meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security recently.

Gunter reports that, according to Blair the Liberals will use an “evergreen process” to pull off this underhanded backroom reclassification scheme. An “evergreen process” means the Canadian Firearms Program will continue to evaluate weapons that represent a risk and continually re-classify firearms to prohibited status.

The newly secretly prohibited firearms will be posted on the FRT.
But we won’t know when our guns will be prohibited because the FRT is not available to most people.

As Gunter says, As soon as the RCMP or a gaggle of Justice department bureaucrats decide to add an additional model or models to the banned list, it will be done with no more effort (or democratic legitimacy) than pressing the “Enter” button on a computer.

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  1. All orchestrated by Heidi Rathjen/Poly, Wendy Cukier/Coalition for gun control

    Ty JFGO Team, I hope you and yours are well.

  2. “The worst form of tyranny are unjust laws.” True but perhaps the worst form of tyrants are politically correct bigot hoplophobes leftist loons who have NO RIGHT to interfere with a safe community of gun owners while these clowns and liars ignore gangs and illegally imported and used by same.

  3. Trudeau Lady boy here is my ansewer !

  4. I can’t understand how the opposition can’t oppose or get answers or actual facts. Seems all government employees, no matter what position they carry are just happy getting their fat pay cheque’s weekly and an unimaginable pension to sit on their hands. Why are we paying the highest taxes in the world with no work unless your in government?

    • The Canadian government [as well as other Commonwealth countries] has long kept MPs as well as citizens in the dark on policy or political decisions. Check out Dennis Young’s website — and those of the NFA and CSSA — for a depressing history of Canada hiding information that might embarrass the government. It’s in their DNA.

  5. Canadians should read this book; and compare what is happening here in Canada; it is very scary? It is called: Gun Control in the Third Reich. it is written by Stephan P. Holbrooke. Does it sound familiar; Canada?
    It makes me very suspicious of our Liberal Government and the RCMP. A Dictator running a police state. ?????

  6. Its all nothing but dictators in canadian government. I Don’t and won’t stand for dictators and neither should any of you. Really what would they do if all of us just said no its not happening. Its time for people to grow a set. What are they going to do put us all in jail lmao.

    F..k the liberal dictatorship.

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