Vote-Splitting Will Elect Liberals

O'Toole CPCOnly the Conservative Party is capable of forming government and is supportive of civilians owning firearms

Vote-Splitting Will Elect Liberals

There is only one political party capable of forming government that is not committed to banning our firearms – The Conservative Party of Canada.

Vote Conservative!

Don’t help Justin win by voting for a minor-party candidate.

O’Toole has your back. Trudeau does not. Don’t be fooled by the CBC.

In the first French debate, O’Toole said, “We will maintain the ban on assault weapons.”

This quote has been widely interpreted as meaning he’d keep Trudeau’s ban on so-called “assault rifles.” O’Toole says the OIC ban will remain until after a review of gun laws. This is tactical. 

O’Toole wants to postpone announcing his decision until after the election. Otherwise, the media would focus on this issue to the exclusion of anything else O’Toole wants to say. This is what they did to Scheer in 2019.

The Liberals have taken out attack ads saying O’Toole will repeal the OIC ban on “scary guns.”

O’Toole will continue to stand up for civilian gun owners — as he has long done. 

While Trudeau wants to confuse ‘assault rifles’ with ‘military assault-style weapons,’ O’Toole knows that real ‘assault rifles’ — which are full auto — have been banned since 1977.

The Conservative Party Commitment on Firearms:

A Conservative government will start by repealing C-71 and the May 2020 Order in Council and conducting a review of the Firearms Act with participation by law enforcement, firearms owners, manufacturers, and members of the public.

A Conservative government will then update legislation by introducing a simplified classification system and codifying it in law so that it is clear what types of firearms fit into each category and classification decisions can be made quickly, and with the public and firearms owners having confidence that they are not arbitrary.

As Mr. O’Toole has consistently said, assault weapons would remain banned – we would not repeal the ban on assault weapons that dates from 1977.

This has consistently been our position, as we first stated on August 18, see pages 89-90 in the Conservative Platform:

Compare the Conservative position with the Liberals “hug a thug” approach. They prefer to crack down on duck hunters and let thugs – convicted of violent crimes – roam the community. 

If the get back in power, the Liberals plan to follow through with Bill C-22. This bill reduces penalties for violent offenders on the grounds of claiming to fight “racism.”

By favouring thugs over responsible citizens, C-22 will cause serious problems for Canadians living in small towns as well as big cities. 

Tackling Gang Violence [page 89-90]

Canada’s Conservatives will tackle the gang violence that causes too many Canadians to live in fear by:

Hiring an additional 200 RCMP officers to combat gangs and the smuggling of guns and drugs.

The officers will be based in the GTA and the Lower Mainland and will help keep our communities safe.

Establishing an entities list for criminal gangs.

This would eliminate the requirement for Crown Attorneys to prove that an organization is a criminal organization and would only require the Crown to prove that the accused is a member of such an organization.

Amending the automatic detention provisions of the Criminal Code by adding:

“with an offence in the commission of which violence was allegedly used, threatened or attempted and the accused had previously been convicted of for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with, a criminal organization”.

Amending the Criminal Code so that usage of the same firearm by two separate individuals in the commission of a crime would create a rebuttable presumption that a criminal organization committed the offences.

Partnering with the private sector to create a Gang Exit Strategy program that will see the power of the private sector harnessed to give offenders the opportunity to escape a cycle of violence and start fresh in a new location with gainful employment and the support needed to leave behind a life of crime.

Working with partner organizations across the country to develop and expand programs to keep youth out of gangs.

Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to take action against criminal use of firearms by:

Amending the Criminal Code provisions on possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose to make it an aggravating factor on sentencing where an individual commits the offence while the subject of a prohibition order under the Firearms Act and had previously been convicted of an offence under that section or an offence against the person while in possession of a firearm.

The offence will carry a sentence of from two to ten years.

This is a good start to dealing with the essence of the problem – repeat violators of Firearm Prohibition Orders – but we need to go much further.

Amending the Criminal Code provisions on the unauthorized possession of a firearm by imposing a mandatory minimum sentence of two years if the person was the subject of a prohibition order at the time of the events giving rise to the conviction or had been previously convicted of an offence involving a firearm.

Partnering with the Ontario Provincial Police to expand the Firearms Tracing and Enforcement database nationally and taking steps to ensure that all crime guns are submitted for testing and analysis and inclusion in this database. Our focus will be on keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals. This contrasts with the Liberals, who have refused to take action against gangs while harassing hunters and sport shooters.

Canada’s Conservatives will improve the regulation of legal firearms to ensure that it is evidence-based and focuses on protecting public safety.

We will start by repealing C-71 and the May 2020 Order in Council and conducting a review of the Firearms Act with participation by law enforcement, firearms owners, manufacturers, and members of the public. See pages 89-90 in the Conservative Platform.

Note: This blog was based on comments made by MP Bob Zimmer (Prince George—Peace River—Northern Rockies), with added posts by thegunblog, the CSSA, the CNFA, and the CCFR. Any mistakes are my own.

12 Comments on "Vote-Splitting Will Elect Liberals"

  1. Agreed, hold the line. Shared.

    The Liberals have introduced Bill C-22 that eliminates a number of firearms offences and the mandatory prison times, such as robbery with a firearm, discharging a firearm with intent to harm, and weapons trafficking. How will this stop gangs/criminal organisations

    Legal Firearm Owners are not the problem

    Please take the time to view the videos to learn the seriousness of the Gun/Property grab 

    Aaron Gunn’s The “War on Legal Owners”

    Cristina Howran’s The “Gun Chase” 

    Bill Blair called 2.2 million Legal Firearm Owners “EXTREMISTS” just because they own a firearm.

    Liberal Pam Damoff & Dr. Drummond feel you don’t need to own a firearm.

    Trudeau’s “anti gun” lobbyists, (Polytechnic), “Nathalie Provost/ Heidi Rathjen”, (Coalition for Gun Control), “Wendy Cukier”,(Doctors for the Protection against Guns), “Dr.Ahmed/Dr. Drummond”

    O’Toole’s “Gun lobbyists” 2.2 million licensed Rcmp vetted Canadian Hunters & Sport shooters.

    Thank you for your time, consideration, and support.

  2. More die in on week from Drugs inCanada and the Liberals want to go after. Law abiding.Canadians that hunt target shoot or just enjoy the freedom to keep Fireams as long as they stay safe..

  3. You can always trust libbie loons to lie, propose pseudo solutions to effect the establishment of their agenda, and destroy everything good in favor of their criminal coddling craziness. They never change for the better, only for the worse. There are to be found within municipal, provincial and federal bureaucracies, liars pushing the same leftist agenda as enemies of freedom and justice.

  4. It’s hard the tow the line when the leader your being told is the only option to little fidel now says he will not kill any of little fidel’s “enactments” but will leave them in place and simply depoliticize them. Having no idea what that means but feeling betrayed, I am considering a switch to the ppc (as are many others) as there seems little light between the two evils now.

  5. Stockholm syndrome.

    • That’s exactly why we must toss Justin out on his ear. That’ll be hard. Neigh impossible. Unless we get the Conservatives a majority.

  6. The term assault rifle is a made up term, a social construct. When a soldier has a knife the left doesn’t call it a assault knife, but it’s reasonable to call it a military knife because it really is. So Trudeau’s handlers had to come up with something the uneducated, uniformed masses would think it scary but relatable so they made up the words military style but went full clown world and added assault rifle to give it some context because assault weapon is too ambiguous. So the liberals invented the term military style assault rifle to demonize law abiding citizens who like to shoot because it’s Canadians right to express themselves under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms not to mention it’s just not part of our culture, it is our Culture. Canadians have the right to self defense as well as having the right to life, liberty and the use of property. Pretty hard to steal Canadians private property once something is purchased with legal bank of Canada notes and taxes have been paid on the item. How does a government get away with menticide which is destroying peoples culture. First they create definitions used to demonize what they want to get rid of because it doesn’t fit their narrative to get votes. Then they try and pass bills to sway public opinion that will get put into laws. It would come off too harsh if the government said all guns are banned because people would actually take notice and rise up and stop voting for someone who doesn’t care about your freedoms let alone respect you for being a law abiding, tax paying citizen who has the ability to defend themselves from tyrannical government with firearms.

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