What Does Bill C-21 Mean for You?

The Trudeau family disarming Canadians 'for their own good.'Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin are destroying traditional Canada to build a "post national" state

What does Bill C-21 mean for you now that it is law?

Bill C-21 is the latest salvo in a multi-year campaign by the Liberal government to disarm Canadian civilians.

Here are the key provisions:
1. The handgun freeze is now law
2. The 2020 semi auto ban is to be made permanent
3. A new “red flag” law

Handgun freeze

Thanks to Bill C-21, the 2022 “national freeze” on handgun sales that had been imposed by Order-in-Council has been transformed into law. The freeze prohibits the legal sale or inheritance of almost all handguns and requiring them to be surrendered without compensation when the owner passes away.

The freeze effectively renders approximately one million legal firearms (valued at more than $1 billion) worthless. The government will allow special permits for a small number of Olympic competitors, security guards, and wilderness activities such as trapping.

As law, the handgun freeze will be harder for a future government to change. If maintained, the freeze on handgun transfers will eventually eliminate target sports and put many fish-and-game clubs under severe financial pressure because they rely on target sports for much of their income.

Most handgun owners are required to join a Fish & Game club to be able to shoot their handgun. With a declining membership, clubs will be forced to closed.

The 2020 semi-auto ban

The Liberals dropped amendments G4 and G46 and substituted a “technical amendment” that bans new semi-auto, centre-fire long guns with detachable magazines. But not current ones. What that means practically is yet to be determined.

Bill C-21 sets up a committee to enshrine the 2020 ban of semi-automatic firearms that the Trudeau government had mandated by Order-in-Council. This ban will eventually confiscate hundreds of thousands of firearms with a total value of more than $3 billion. It’s unknown how much compensation – if any – will be given for firearms caught in this “buyback”.

It’s unclear how many firearms the ban covers—estimates vary from 150,000 to more than 500,000. Purported to be “assault-style weapons,” in reality, almost all of the long guns are simply semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that have been popular with hunters and sport shooters for more than 100 years.

All of these lawfully owned and used firearms are now prohibited and must be surrendered to the government before the amnesty expires in October 2025.

See TheGunBlog.ca for the list of firearms that have been prohibited. As well as much more information.

Taken together, the Trudeau government has rendered valueless more than $4.0 billion of private property from law-abiding Canadians while simultaneously bankrupting hundreds of small businesses, including fish-and-game clubs that depend upon sport shooters for their income.

Because of the ban, more than 4,500 small and medium-size businesses, which employ more than 40,000 people, are now stuck with large amounts of inventory that are suddenly illegal for them to sell or export. These businesses can’t absorb such losses; many will need to cut jobs or close their doors. The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association estimates that the economic loss is between $900 million and $1.06 billion and have negotiated some relief from Ottawa.

The new “red flag” law

The new “red flag” law is ripe for abuse. Under the new “red flag” law, anyone can now lodge a complaint with a court to have a person’s firearms immediately confiscated who is claimed to be “dangerous.” Previously, just the authorities could do so.

If the court decides, the accused can be blocked from knowing the name of his accuser. The legislation does not permit the accused to even be notified of the proceedings against him.

Perhaps the worst part is the new “red flag” law lowers the standard for forcible confiscation of guns: Firearms now may be confiscated from anyone who

“may pose a danger to themselves or others”

rather than the present standard, which is anyone who poses “an imminent threat to themselves or others.”

Liberal gun policy has failed Canadians

The Liberals know that cracking down on PAL holders will fail to stop violent crime. That’s not stupidity, it’s their plan. Violent crime frightens the public, which allows the Liberals to pass more restrictions on guns.

A recent StatsCan report exposes the massive failure of Liberal gun policies.

Liberal gun policy has failed, according to most recent StatsCan report. In 2022, firearms-related violent crime hit the highest level since 2009.

The 342 homicides with firearms in 2022 represent the most since homicide data began being collected in 1961. According to StatsCan, total homicides jumped from 609 victims in 2015, when Justin Trudeau took over, to 874 in 2022. That’s almost a 50% increase.

The Liberals knew their gun policy would fail.

Instead of protecting the public from violent criminals, the Trudeau Liberals have focused on harassing law-abiding Canadian gun owners. The 2020 ban of semi-automatic hunting rifles, the “freeze” on handgun transfers, bills C-71 (2019) and C-21 (2024).

Leaked documents undermine government claims that Bill C-21 and the 2020 gun ban are intended to improve public safety. Ideology has trumped common sense. These documents expose the Trudeau Liberals war on guns to be driven by their commitment to “post-nationalism” and “de-colonization,” not public safety.

The Trudeau Liberals knew all along that gun bans and “soft on criminals” laws wouldn’t reduce violent crime nor protect vulnerable women. One recently leaked document reveals that that the Liberals knew from the start that PAL holders were not a threat to public safety. It was all a farce. Another leaked document shows that the Liberals also knew that confiscating the hundreds of thousands of hunting rifles and shotguns banned in 2020 would cost vastly more than they claimed.

The Liberals are not stupid, they’re evil.

The Liberals deliberately coddle violent criminals in order to justify disarming law-abiding gun owners. The Liberals know that playing “catch and release” with violent criminals will not improve public safety. “Hug-a-thug” policy doesn’t work. Violent crime plays into their hands. They Liberals are counting on the fear created by violent crime to increase public support for more restrictive gun laws.

Moose kill more people than PAL holders.

Statistics Canada noted that, “The firearms used in homicides were rarely legal firearms used by their legal owners who were in good standing.” Just 23 PAL holders were among the 686 people accused of homicide in 2022.

Moose kill more Canadians than licenced gun owners. According to the most recent statistics, that’s still true. Civilian gun owners are exceptionally nonviolent.
Moose remain more deadly than PAL holders per capita. The number of fatalities per capita:

Annual fatalitiesBase populationFatalities per capita
Moose (2000-2014)15.71,000,0001.57
PAL holders (2010-2020)21.22,200,0000.96

PAL holders are neither devils nor angels; just outstanding citizens.
As well PAL holders are less likely to be accused of murder than other Canadians.

Comparing the rate PAL holders are accused of homicide with other Canadian categories for 2000-2020.

rate per 100,000 pop
Accused PAL holders0.63
Adult firearm homicide rate0.72
Adult male firearm homicide1.29
Canadian homicide rate1.78
Adult homicide rate2.12

The Trudeau Liberals have made Canada a sanctuary for gangsters.

Disbanding the Port Police has left our ports unprotected from organized crime. Lax or non-existent enforcement has turned Canada into a safe place to do business for some of the biggest international criminals. About half (47%) of shooting homicides were related to organized crime in 2022, according to StatsCan. More than two-thirds (69%) of victims of firearm-related homicides were involved in illegal activities, compared with one-third (33%) of victims of homicides that did not involve a firearm.

Canada’s bail system fails to keep repeat violent offenders off our streets. Thanks to attempts by radical progressives, repeat violent offenders are all too often released into the community. The Trudeau Liberals attempts to “help” groups who are over-represented in the justice system, such as Indigenous and black Canadians, just mean more victims.

Trudeau’s “catch and release” approach to violent crime victimizes indigenous people and visible immigrants.

Indigenous Canadians are more likely to be homicide victims than non-Indigenous Canadians as well as more likely to be accused of homicide. In 2022, indigenous Canadians were 17 per cent of the victims of firearm-related violent crime — three times higher than their share of Canadians at five per cent. Indigenous made up an even higher proportion of victims of homicide not using a firearm at 33 per cent.

Visible immigrants accounted for 48 per cent of homicide victims despite representing 26 per cent of the overall population in the 2021 Census. Black Canadians were 25 per cent of the firearm victims, the same proportion as they are in the Canadian population.

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  1. The corrupt, evil, treasonous, coalition government under DICKtator Trudeau and his partner in crime Singh Need to be held accountable for all they have done to Canadians. What they are doing against Law Following Firearms owners, Is the same as saying a push scooter can do 120 KMS. Just as accurate. All they are, is Liars, plain and simple.

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