What should the Canadian government do about violent crime?

It is no surprise that cracking down on responsible gun owners won’t improve public safety.

Instead of targeting lawful firearms owners, the government should focus on real problems; two of which leap out immediately from recent StatsCan publications:

First, gang violence in the cities;

Second, dysfunctional Aboriginal reserves across Canada.

Here are a few data points from Juristat’s recent publication on Homicide in Canada.

[1] Aboriginal people accounted for 25% of homicide victims in 2015, compared to 23% in 2014. Police reported 148 Aboriginal victims of homicide in 2015 compared to 120 in 2014. 10% (171) of those accused of homicide were Aboriginal. Aboriginal people represented an estimated 5% of the Canadian population in 2015.

[2] In 2014, 62% of individuals accused of homicide had previously been convicted of a criminal offence.

[3] In 2015, police reported 98 gang-related homicides (16%), up 16 from the previous year.

[4] Only 75% of homicides are solved or “cleared.” Gang killings, like stranger killings, are the least likely to be solved.

[5] In 2015 83 out of 604 homicides involved intimate partners (14%). The rate of intimate partner homicide decreased by 6% between 2014 and 2015, continuing a decades-long trend of decline. The rate of 2.7 intimate partner homicides per 1 million people recorded in 2015 represented a 46% drop since 1995 and a 23% drop since 2005 (Table 3.8).

[6] While most homicide victims are male (71% in 2015), female victims predominate in family or intimate partner killings (80%). Where the relationship was known, there were 83 homicide victims where the relationship with the accused was either an “intimate partner” or spouse, and 99 were coded “other family.” [Typo correced].

But where are the votes to be won by attempting to address serious problems? Drug gangs and dysfunctional Native reserves pose insuperable challenges — and no quick fix.

Unfortunately, the Liberals would need courage to focus on gangs or conditions on Native reserves, but they prefer to flatter their supporters where there are more votes to win.

Solving problems, not so much.

Responsible firearms owners better buckle in for a rough ride. The Liberals are about to crack down on hunters and target shooters in order to win votes among urban progressives. Can’t lose the big cities to the NDP!

This is just a taste of what StatsCan can offer. I plan to publish an update on firearms and homicide in Canada when StatsCan delivers on the Special Request I’ve submitted.

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  1. Capital punishment, problem solved!

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