Why are law-abiding firearms owners on CPIC?

law abiding firearm owners rarely commit murderLicenced firearms owners are responsible citizens, not criminals

According to the RCMP website, the goal of the Canadian Police Information Centre (or CPIC) is to provide important “tactical information about crimes and criminals.”

If so, then why is information about law-abiding firearms owners prominently available on CPIC? Statistics show that PAL holders  are among the least violent people in Canada. Moreover, CPIC is missing vital information about recent criminal activity, such as the addresses of many violent offenders on probation or parole.

Muddled RCMP priorities endanger public safety.

To know more, read a provocative proposal I made about fixing  CPIC’s problems.

I make three recommendations to address these problems:

Recommendation #1: The current addresses of violent offenders who have been released from custody should be maintained and available on CPIC.

Recommendation #2: A higher priority must be placed on funding database development within the RCMP including maintaining current addresses for violent offenders while on probation or parole.

Recommendation #3: information about firearm licence holders should be removed from routine availability on CPIC; access to licensees should be restricted to criminal investigations.

Reforming CPIC

How reasonable are these specific proposals? See what the Library of Parliament said when Dan Albas, MP ( Central Okanagan – Similkameen – Nicola) asked for their evaluation.

Review of Professor Mauser’s paper

2 Comments on "Why are law-abiding firearms owners on CPIC?"

  1. Thanks Dr. Mauser for your new website, a welcome addition in our fight for our rights, freedoms and protection for our heritage activities.

  2. Not having the ability to instantly confirm the status of a firearm license would give more reason for having to call and confirm a firearms license before any transaction, which under the present availability to confirm the status of a license is redundant. As much as I hate the CPIC treating me as a criminal in waiting, I prefer it to all the additional paperwork & phone calls. Confirming PAL’s will most likely be available from 9-5, not 24-7 and would put an end to evening or weekend transfers and gun shows. I’m also against the policy of allowing the RCMP authority to classify.
    Keep up the good work.
    L.G. Johnson

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