Why blame guns for killing people?

Guns political correctnessTrudeau's Liberals think blaming guns will help them win elections

Some like to blame guns for killing people.

That’s as silly as blaming spoons for getting people fat.

So why do the traditional media and modern progressives do that? Are they just stupid? Do they believe objects like guns and spoons have agency?

Not really. It’s political correctness, seasoned with political expediency.

As Time Magazine reported on a pseudo-scientific study published in a medical magazine:

“Firearms are responsible for a more than four-year loss of life expectancy among black Americans – roughly double the firearm-related loss seen among white Americans.”

Firearms, not other people.

But how could a firearm — all by itself — be responsible for killing people? Black or white.

The truth is:

Black criminals are responsible for killing black Americans.

Progressives don’t want to say that, and anti-gun activists are eager to exploit the public’s ignorance.

According to the FBI, 89% of those accused of killing a black individual were black themselves (between 2013 to 2017).

Race of Homicide Victims and Offenders

Race of VictimRace of Offender

The same pattern holds in Canada with Indigenous populations. 

Rural Canada is dominated by First Nations Reserves, where violent crime is epidemic. Similar to young blacks in America’s inner-cities, Canada’s Aboriginal population, a historically disadvantaged group, possesses a homicide rate (8.76 per 100,000) six times higher than non-Aboriginal Canadians.

While Aboriginal people represent on average, about 3% of the population, in incidents where the Aboriginal status of the victim was known, Aboriginal people made up 17% of victims of homicide and 23% of those accused of committing a homicide over the time period studied.

If Statistics Canada was less politically correct, they’d ask questions about the ethnicity of both accused and victims of violent crimes like homicide. Americans do; why can’t Canadians be as courageous?

Such political correctness leaves policy makers in official ignorance.

What ethnicity are Toronto’s killers?

What ethnicity are the killers in Montreal?

What ethnicity are the gangsters in Surrey? We don’t know. (Officially, anyway).

We don’t have official statistics because Canadian authorities are afraid to know.

Such facts are better whispered in secret.

That doesn’t help the victims.

Hint: It’s culture not race.

A clue is starting us in the face: Hunters, black or white, living outside fetid urban ghettos across North America, somehow manage to own guns without killing anyone.



4 Comments on "Why blame guns for killing people?"

  1. Instead, Trudeau said “We are currently reflecting on how we are going to do better to counter the violence caused by handguns and assault weapons, yes. What’s happening is unacceptable.”

  2. edward kennedy | May 15, 2019 at 4:06 am | Reply

    Firearms owners of “kweebec” rebelled and less than a third registered their firearms before the deadline. Any Stalinist firearm ban will set the same response of civil disobedience in motion if Justie and his ASSministration of hoplophobe fools are stupid enough to do so. The CYSTem can pass all the immoral and illegal and rights violating laws they want but the proof of the pudding is if the people decide to obey them or not. MY personal survey over the last few years indicates 78% of those polled would defy a tyrannical regulation until a CPC was elected at which point the corrupt regs would be the things BANNED.

  3. trouble with putting faith in the CPC is that all but Dereck would keep the program and just do a couple little tweeks, so they can say they repelled this latest ban. The problem is the criminal code inclusion to pocessing a firearm.

    • No one should have faith in any political party. The only way to get major reforms of the current laws is to keep pressure on them. All 4 leader candidates promise to be open to our interests. No other party will even consider helping us out. If you want change, we all have to work hard for it.

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