Will the Federal Liberals honour their campaign promises?

Gun bans are not effectiveTrudeau proposes banning guns in order to win seat on UN Security Council

The Liberals only honour campaign promises they think help them win elections.

Therefore, I am confident the Liberals intend to keep their promises about guns.

During the 2015 election campaign the Liberal Party promised to “get handguns and assault weapons off our streets.”

But what does this mean? Here is what the Liberals promise to do:

  • Repeal changes made by Bill C-42 that allow restricted and prohibited weapons to be freely transported without a permit, and we will put decision-making about weapons restrictions back in the hands of police, not politicians;
  • Require firearms vendors to keep records of all firearms inventory and sales to assist police in investigating firearms trafficking and other gun crimes; (Note: this is the infamous “back-door registry” that the Harper government blocked).
  • Ensure that Canada becomes a party to the international Arms Trade Treaty.


A year ago, the Liberals quietly signed on to the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty. The text of the ATT is vague, but it clearly encourages signatory countries to require that all firearms in civilian hands be registered.

Despite promising not to do so, the Liberals plan to bring back the long-gun registry. The Liberals are committed to registering all firearms because they signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Unsurprisingly, Trudeau stuffed his Firearms Advisory Committee with anti-gun activists who are now pondering what new gun laws to invent.


Here’s the scorecard on the 10-member Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee after their first meeting and seven new members are announced.


Just this month, the Liberals introduced the first of a series of bills (Bill C-47) to make their promises to the UN enforceable on Canadians.

Notice that their campaign promises to “get guns off the streets” confuses guns with criminal violence.

That’s not a mistake. The Liberals are not stupid, but they think Canadians are.

A focus on guns fools their supporters, plumps up the bureaucracy, and cracks down on gun owners who follow the law. Of course, the Liberals ignore criminals. The Liberals don’t care.

The Liberals hope that each of these promises wins votes for them, as well as inflating the firearms bureaucracy. A swelling bureaucracy means more people dependent upon the Liberals, and more opportunities for graft. What’s not to like?

Why am I not surprised that keeping the Liberal Party’s campaign promises to crack down on law-abiding firearms owners would will most likely violate Minister Goodale’s commitment to ‘evidence based’ gun control policies?



4 Comments on "Will the Federal Liberals honour their campaign promises?"

  1. Robert Bracken | April 18, 2017 at 7:49 pm | Reply

    Gun control does not gain votes; it loses votes.

  2. Canada has a government problem, and a crime problem and sometimes the lines blur.

  3. You can talk common sense gun safety, and law to Liberals/liberals till the cows come home. They don’t want to hear it, and you’re wasting your breath. They believe that because THEY don’t want to own guns, that nobody should own them. Liberals/liberals do not want to validate their beliefs. They just want to follow them, and they thing everyone else should too.

  4. Sorry but off topic.
    Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr has received his $10.5-million settlement from the federal government, sources tell CBC News. The PM of Canada personally handed him the cheque.
    It would appear as a injured vet that got f+++d over by VA (Gov) & fired by the military that I was on the wrong side!

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